Jan 18, 2010


scur-ri-lous (skur-a-les) adj. 1. Given to the use of vulgar or low abusive language; foul mouthed. 2. Expressed in course and abusive language. [From Latin scurrilis, buffoonlike, jeering, from scurra, buffoon, possibly from Etruscan.]

This pretty much sums up Stewey's attitude and general demeanor this lovely morning. He woke up on the wrong side of the bed, with his hair sticking straight up and one eye partially closed. I told him that the sexy rock star look suited him, but he just grumbled and went to the back door to begin his morning ritual of chasing the damn squirrels from the bird feeders. Apparently the chattering and skittering of the little buggers woke him up, and we all know what happens when Little Lord Fauntleroy misses his beauty sleep.

"Woo Hoo! Breakfast!"

"#*$%&*(# SQUIRRELS!"

First, some housekeeping. Join your hands together for MS. ALANDA JACOBS HER VERY SELF! As I was perusing the comments this morning, Alanda gently pointed out that I had NOT, in fact, finished Shenandoah Spring, and that I had completely missed a portion of the lower right corner! Good eye, girlfriend! Thank you! (I'll be rectifying this immediately.) (Can you imagine the language around here if I would have taken that sucker to the framer/finisher without catching that?) (Talk about scurrilous!)

After finishing (ahem) Shenandoah Spring, I fished through the basket and came up with:

This is Cherry Cordial from Needle Delights. I'm not sure (yet again) why I ever put this one down because it's really quite fun to do. This is the first time I ever marked the blank canvas before stitching, and although I was pretty nervous about doing it, I think the guidelines are essential:
Well, I suppose that about sums up the state of things here at Chez Spinster today! I'm off to the bird feeders!


  1. Hi Coni,

    Alanda has a good eye! Thank goodness she saw this before you did take it to the framer...

    Cherry Cordial looks just yummy and you have a lot done already! I'm looking forward to watching your stitching progress on this project.

    Are you going to stitch the new ANG SOTM project? It's by Sue Reed who does wonderful geometrics. If you haven't tried one of her projects before, I think you'll really enjoy stitching one of her projects. I'm still considering and contemplating color choices. Hmmm...

    Windy Meadow

  2. Congrats on a a lovely finish! And your Cherry Cordial is quite stunning - I've never seen anything like it. It's always a treat to see what you are stitching.

    Enjoy your day.

  3. Cherry Cordial looks like a fun stitch! The colors are just luscious!

  4. I'm so in a pink and brown mood lately so I am loving the Cherry Cordial!

  5. "Cherry Cordial" is a sweet finish, indeed! Nice color palette, and it shows off the texture of the stitches very well. Well done!

  6. i love the colors of cherry cordial!

    max understands steweys grumblings w/those fluffy tailed tree climbers!

    max has the same problem. they get on his fence to jump up on the roof and they about drive max wild!

    he always looks for them on our sunday morning drive thru the neighborhood too!

  7. Come on, Stewey, brace up! Yes, it's gloomy January and yes, the
    #$%@& squirrels are annoying, but get over it, look for the good things! Love, Pollyanna.

  8. Love Cherry Cordial. The colors are beautiful.

    Have a great day.


  9. Ohhhhh, such gorgeousness all around, Coni! Your finish of the Shenandoah piece is stunNING! And your new old project is a beauty as well.

    Also, I'm glad to know I'm not the only one -- or *was* not the only one struggling to get the Christmas decorations out. It would take up so much of my stitching time!

    Aww, Stewey, Pantoef tells me he's jealous of your blanky AND of your perch overlooking the squirrel playground. He's been in a huff as well. Don't ask...

  10. Love the Cherry Cordial colours!

    And Stewie's "Prince" cushion is too cute!

  11. Wow. Good catch by Alanda. Having framed things before with mistakes and/or missing bits, I look things over carefully before framing. I turn pieces upside down and look. I look at on edge. Anything to stop me from framing mistakes again.

    Do you have Blueberry Torte, too?

  12. that cherry cordial looks a treat...great colors...just makes you happy to study it!

  13. Cherry Cordial Is Beautiful !!! I love it !! I don't think I could put it down if I had it to stitch !!! and I have not done any canvas work... Just cross stitch and 1 needlepoint painted canvas that I am still working on !!!

  14. Great that you are getting some old UFO's out and finishing them, it sure feels good doesn't it.

  15. lol That type of attitude comes with the hair "style". Beautiful colours in your canvas. Lovely stitching, as usual! Stewey....I used to think squirrels were cute little creatures....Now I know that it is an international campaign on their behalf to spread "Disney character like" propeganda to cover their true nature!!!

  16. I just love this one Coni!! I'm so glad you decided to work on it again. It's so pretty! :)

  17. Geez, I never would've noticed those missing stitches in SS. I suppose I won't be called eagle eye anytime soon.

    Cherry Cordial is very pretty. Why did you put that down? Who knows why we do that?

  18. this piece id my favorite out of all the ones you have shown. I love the colors.