Jan 4, 2010


Did you ever stitch your eyeballs out for four straight days and then look at your progress and say to yourself...."THAT'S IT!? THAT'S WHAT I ACCOMPLISHED AFTER FOUR STRAIGHT DAYS OF STITCHING MY EYEBALLS OUT???!!!" ?

Well, I did.

On Thursday afternoon I decided that I really wanted to finish something for year's end so that I could wake up on January 1st with a brand new start. On January 1st, I woke up and said "Phooey. I'll just go ahead finish what I was working on yesterday and we'll all pretend that 2010 actually starts on Monday."

So I stitched my eyeballs out all day and FINALLY put the last little tent stitch into:
The little guy on the left is the 2008 Prairie Schooler annual Santa. (2009 is on the right.) Please excuse the red lines...they're just there to give me an idea of where the borders of each block are. I'm not positive, but methinks I will do some kind of fancy schmancy border around all of them once they're done...maybe in a nice variegated Watercolours, like Holiday?

After the ceremonial Happy Dance was completed, I fished around in my basket and came up with the perfect project for a snowy afternoon:

This is Blue Ribbon Design's "It's Cold Outside". I decided to stitch all of the smalls on one big piece of linen and then do the sampler on another piece. I'm pretty sure that I stitched borders/outlines for a week and a half. I'm all done with borders/outlines now. Forever. (I think this is what made me wonder just what the heck I had been doing for so long since it seemed so... "eh" when I looked at the sum total of it.)

I'm not going to get discouraged, though, and think I'll keep plowing through until all of the smalls are stitched. Then I'm pretty sure that I'm going to switch to something else so that this one doesn't end up out in the driveway with me cheering Stewey on to back over it with the car.

The snow keeps piling up and Stewey has been standing at the back door for an hour now wondering when I'm going to clear him a little path so that he can go out to make a proper deposit. I heard him mutter something about the drapes a few minutes ago, so I suppose I had better hop to it. And soon. Damn dog.


  1. Those snow flakes are most appropriate! I have the same problem as you do... stitch like mad for what seems like an eternity and then... nope.... doesn't look like any progress was made. It sneaks up on you though, don't you think?

  2. Love the Prairie Schooler Santas!

    Good start on the smalls. They should go very fast now since you've got all the borders done!

    Love your blog! It always makes me laugh out loud!

  3. The Prairie School Santas looks amazing.
    Nice start on the smalls. They should finish fast since the borders (and therefore boring parts) are done.

  4. The Santas are wonderful! And you have two of them finished! How impressive!

    I, too, know the frustration of stitching forever and only completing the frame. How do you explain to others that the set of three rectangular outlines took you 6 hours to stitch?!?

    I always feel that my comments do not live up to the high entertainment value of your blog. You always make me laugh! Thanks!


  5. Loved the PS Santas and the new start. Boy, you are stitchin away this new year !! Congrats..

  6. Coni, repeat after me: Stewey has a DOG's license, NOT a driver's license. (. . . or does he?)

    I see loads of fabulous progress for your four days of effort. But that's just me. If you feel the need to stitch more so you can accomplish even more, you go right ahead.

  7. Fabulous stitching, Coni. When you get frustrated, work out the stitch count to see how much you have finished. Remember....from little things, big things grow.

  8. Just keep on truckin' That's the way things get done!

    Both new pieces look great.

  9. WOW...two PS santas done...I've stitched some of these before and there is a LOT of stitching going on in there. Impressive! And then not to mention all your outlines. I'm bamboozled and amazed at your stitchy prowress! And I mean that sincerely...you ARE the woman!

  10. Love both of your projects, but especially those Santa's! I'm drooling all over my keyboard.

  11. Beautiful finish and beautiful start Coni! That is such a cute desing - I love the snowflakes! :)

  12. Love those Santas! I have a plan for the last umpteen of them, but who knows when I'll put it into action? It's fun to enjoy yours.