Oct 22, 2009


I've stepped back a few inches from the edge of the ledge, thanks to all of you. BUT! I really feel the need to point out that NOT ONE SINGLE STITCHY PERSON said "OMG! You have too many projects going and you should feel bad that you waste so much time reading and writing this stupid blog!".

What, do you suppose, that says about "this thing of ours", hmmmmmm?

Well, I guess if I have to be on the Crazy Train, it sure is nice to know I have some company. Did anybody bring snacks? Extra pillows? Blankets? What's the movie going to be? May I have an aisle seat, please? Is it OK to move about the cabin while the "Fasten your seatbelt" sign is on?

ARE WE THERE YET????!!!!!!

Never fear, kids. Aunt Chrissy and I have a PLAN! I can't tell you what the plan is exactly, since I don't want to jinx it, but suffice it to say that this entire matter of having too many WIP'S will be solved toot sweet!

Stay tuned!

****EDITED TO ADD: How rude of me! Seriously, I would like to say THANK YOU for being so kind and funny and uplifting and wonderful, my dear stitchy friends! Your comments gave me great giggles this morning, and I'm just gobsmacked over the generosity of the stitchy world. Y'all ROCK!


  1. NEVER stop writing your blog! We are all (most of us anyway) in a similar situation, and we need YOU to humorize, explain, tell, dictate, etc how we all feel.

    You and your Blog (and your little dog too) are absolutely priceless!

  2. I bought my ticket to the crazy train about 5 projects ago....

    Choo choo!

  3. I'm anxious to see what your solution will be to the whole WIP problem. Quite honestly, I didn't think that you had a problem with WIPs at all. So what does that say about me?? If I counted up every single xstitch, needlepoint, knitting and quilting project I have lurking in the wings my DH would commit me for sure. But I'm sure all the wonderful stitching sisters our there would just pat me on the back!!

    I like being on that Crazy Train!!

  4. Hmm, nobody said 48 WIPs was too many because... perhaps it isn't. Just think how many you have finished and how much pleasure you've given all you readers in blogland along the way and don't feel guilty.

  5. All aboard!!! I'm not sure who'll be the first in line...you or me..LOL Personally, I don't want to know how many WIP's I have scattered around the living room and my sewing room. You know what they say...if you don't know, it can't hurt you :)

  6. I happen to think the crazy train is the best way to travel through life! I don't think though that it would be a good idea to give up blogging; we all need a secondary interest! I must say that I sometimes get quite cross with myself when I realize how much more stitchy time I would have if I didn't read blogs. That is why I whittled down to my favorites!

  7. Coni, please tell me where ton for reflecting pool? I woould love to take a start on it.

  8. I really enjoy your blog so not keeping it up is out of the question. Besides where else could Stewey let out his frustrations. As for finishing I think you get quite a few projects done. I loved the floating hearts.

  9. If you plan on selling any of your WIPS, I would love to buy Patch Work of Peace. I've been wanting to buy that piece for a couple of years. I'd seen that you started it way back in 2008. Is it in your WIP basket? Keep me in mind!

  10. Lordy I am laughing with you again.
    Moments before reading your last 2 posts, I ordered 3 of the Blackbid design quilt books.
    Here's the thing...do I quilt...uh, no...
    What the haymaker!?..., but I am still feeling excitement in the air that they are en route.
    Happy happy! Choo Choo.....

    oh and last year about this time
    (not to mention all the orders in btwn) I ordered 4 Tilda books due to all the european stitchy blogs..

  11. Oh yea! I got my pillow, I never travel without it. I also brought some pretzels, juice boxes, some nescafe for the wee hours...and a milkbone for Stewey..he is traveling with us isn't he???
    I saw some new releases that I "Have" to have.

  12. No one is going to say your WIP pile is too much. Frankly, I think people feel way too much guilt over WIPs. Just look how pretty they look all nice an organized? See, nothing to feel guilty about.

  13. 48? Is that all? One time I counted my started ones and I won't TELL you how many there were. I WILL tell you that I gave some away to a senior citizen facility, gave some to friends that wanted them, sold some at a garage sale, actually FINISHED SOME, cut some into smaller projects (gasp!) and finished those and OMG, threw some out. I ended up with (still) about 30 some projects. I'm sorry to say that my number is FAR OVER 50 again. Too bad for me. Theresa

  14. I just have one question. Who told you it's 'normal' to have only one project at a time started. :-)

    In the interests of you ever speaking to me, I will not even tell you how many WIP's lurk in my stitching room (I have stitched for 20+ years, so maybe you can imagine), but to give you a hint, I just adopted out more WIP's than you gave as a total.
    So...personally I think you should do the Snoopy happy dance that you are getting some finishes and shout out a big 'WA-HOO' because you rock as a writer, a stitcher, Stewy's mom, Bosco's aunt, a sister and a friend!

  15. Coni Your blog made me feel righteous that I have only 4 WIPs but don't you dare ever ever ever stop writing your blog. I just love you, your blog and Stewey the diva

  16. I've got the snacks but you'd better be quick cause they seem to disappear when I'm looking through the WIP's. I've noticed they actually last longer if I stitch something. Thanks for the giggle.

  17. I'm with Julie - it's not normal to just have one project at once! Then where is the variety in life? Do these people only have one mood at a time for months? Kinda sad not to sit down and happily choose just the project that fits the need.

  18. Here's my take: When you reveal the number and state of your WIPs, the stitchers here probably think one of the following:

    1. "Hey! I don't have that many WIPs! I'd better go shopping and buy some more!"

    2. "I only have 40 WIPs! I feel so virtuous. And now I have leeway to start a few more because I'm not that close to 48!"

    3. "Hah. I have more than that. I win! And this weekend I want to start that new pattern I ordered online, if it comes in today's mail, so I'll have another one!"

    4. "Honey, I save my counting for stitches. I'd be happy if I could even FIND all the stuff I have in progress, let alone put it in one tidy little box."

    And the non-stitcher's reaction?
    "What's a WIP?"
    "What"s in that small box?"

  19. I'm sorrybut I'm eating the carpet right now over your 'toot sweet'. You are too, too funny. Tutu funny.