Oct 23, 2009


My mom can't come to the blog right now. She's in bed with what I presume to be a wicked sinus migraine. At least I think that's what it is based upon the empty box of Sudafed strewn about the house. Oh, and the note that said "Stewey, Mommie is in bed with a wicked sinus migraine. No 'puter and no TeeVee until all of your chores are done." Hmmppphhh. We'll just see about that.

Life here at Chez Spinster has been relatively quiet these last few days. I suspect that my mo-ther is in a stitchy slump since she hasn't really had a needle in her hand since a week ago Wednesday. I TOLD her not to go up into the studio, but did she listen to me? I TOLD her to just keep plugging away on WIP's and then we could have a big celebration on November 1st, but did she do it? I TOLD her that the world is getting REAAALLLLLY tired of listening to her bitch and kvetch and complain that she has so many WIP's. (Actually, what I said to her was: "Listen up, Mom. You're like the woman who has a Virginia ham under her arm and then complains that she has no bread. Dont' you think it's pretty rude to go shoving your stash into people's faces all the time? Don't you realize that there are stitchers out there who would be HAPPY to have such an abundance of treasure from which to choose? Don't you think that your time would be better served by ENJOYING that enormous stash than it would be by griping about it?").

She just pulled the blanket over her head, but I'm pretty sure she got the message. Guilt is a wonderful motivator.

Aunt Chrissy had me over for mac and cheese last night. I would have been happy to go by myself, but the old lady insisted on driving me over. We left relatively early, though, so I didn't really get to spend too much time with my aunt, but an hour with that pesky cousin was quite enough time, thank you very much. If I hear "Oh, Bosco, you're so cute" one more time, methinks I will retch into my handkerchief. (What the little squirt doesn't know is that I was the cute one for almost five whole months before he came along with his stinky breath and playful attitude.) He ruined it all, I tell 'ya.

Today is very miserable...cold, drizzly, and overcast. I don't think I'll get very much sun-sleeping time today so I might as well get some work done around here. I'd love to check in with my broker and maybe do a load or two of delicates before the old lady wakes up. I guess I could make her a nice pot of chicken soup for that head of hers, but I might need to have a cocktail or two in preparation. I get a little squeamish when it comes to chopping vegetables, don't you know.

I do hope that wherever you are today is exactly where you want to be. Thanks for stopping by to see me! I do so love a bit of interaction with normal folks every now and then!

With love from your pal,


  1. Now Stewey, be a good little boy and be nice to Mommy. After all Christmas is coming soon and you know that Santa sees all!

    Now go give Mommy the Excedrin migraine (this stuff really works on migraines!) And tip toe quietly.

    I didn't get to comment on your previous WIP posting but please don't obsess too much. I am absolutely positive that there are many of us stitchers who have that many UFOs (or wips). I know I do.

    I don't dare count them. I tried once but couldn't find them all. :)

  2. just chuckling more and more
    i should be doing something
    but i keep on blog surfing instead

    what's new about that

  3. Ah Stewey, you're such a stitch. Why don't you make that soup for your mom - have your Aunt come over and help with the vegetables and then escort her out real quick-like so mom will think you did it yourself.

    Hope that the headache clears up. Sounds like the weather is like it is here - rainy and dismal. And I do have that pot of chicken soup on the stove. Perhaps, you could drive your mom over here instead, Stewey.

  4. Stewey, I have 35 WIPs to my name, and these are just kits. Count the charts and you easily hit 50. Now be a good Stewey and make that soup for your Mommy so she will feel better soon and keep on working on them WIPs.

  5. Stewey, maybe *you* should do a little less complaining yourself, Mister. At least *your* Mama lets you near the stove.

    Nevertheless, purrs to you, my canine friend,


  6. Oh Coni....Feel better soon!
    I know that weather is on its way here...it's already cold and clammy and I have a cold in my nowe to boot!

    Why not take a break - select a book from your shelves and spend the weekend somewhere wlse. Then you can come back to your stitching with a clear head...hey, it's almost 11/1!

    Stewey...behave yourself and let mo-ther rest, OK?

  7. Aw, Stewey, you are such a sweet boy to take care of your mommy.

    Behave yourself and let her get well!

  8. Hi Stewey - I hope your mommy feels better real soon. You take care of her now!

  9. Stewey, you needs to snuggle with yur mo-ther. It will make her feels better-I know, my mommy was under the weather earlier this week and now she is all better. And don't pee pee onthe furniture-I know my mom told yours about belly bands-and you don't want one. Your friend, Lily

  10. Stewey you are so funny, but what is all this levity when mom is ill? Tone it down young man, or you will wake up mom who remember is sick.

    Now, be kind and make the soup already!

    And seeing as you are so critical of WIP's why aren't you helping out with the small ones? You could you know!

  11. Stewey, please tell your mommy that the evil Stitchy Slump Virus can be battled! Personally, I think WIPs are something to be celebrated!

    I've just been reading your mom's blog a short while and I haven't seen pictures of your pesky cousin. So I do think you still have the cute factor going on with your mom (and your readers just love you). No worries!

  12. Loving get-well wishes for your wonderful Mommy.