Oct 2, 2009


OK. So. I haven't one clue as to how one goes about properly answering all of the questions one receives in her blog comments, so forgive me. I'm sure there is some teckie way to set something up so that your questions come to me via a different way, but it will be a loooooong time before I come up with it. A computer genius, I'm not.

So here's my feeble attempt to answer a few of the things that have been written by you...my dear lovely stitchy friends. May I just say, before we begin, that.....YOU ALL ROCK! Now go make yourself something wonderful to eat and know that there's a silly Spinster thanking God every single day for all of you and your propensity for reading all of my crap on a daily basis.

ladybeans asked for pics of the Happy Chair. Dear ladybeans, I think that Monica might have answered this for you already, but in my very first post (all the way back in June of 2008!), I posted shameless pics of both the Happy Chair and my stitchy/craft studio. And you will be happy to learn that the Happy Chair is even more happy now that it's clean and shiny and almost new. Not a spot of Stewey pee anywhere to be found, thank you very much.

Monica had lovely comments about Chez Spinster. Thank you, dearie. I have to say that I really do love this place and can't imagine living anywhere else.

Glenna noticed that I stitch things from the bottom to the top. I think I do this because I get such a feeling of "building" something as I'm stitching along. I don't do it very often..it seems mostly on cross stitched pieces, but I do like to start in the lower left and work my way upwards.

AlfNStitches suggested a Snuggie for Stewey. I'm still tee-heeing about that one, but will confess that I'm probably going to go out and get him one tomorrow. (He's requested leopard print.) (Damn dog.)

Doris gave me the excellent tip for a Gerard Butler sighting..."Dear Frankie". I'm on it. Netflix tells me it should be here Saturday for some post ND football viewing. Hubba hubba.

linenstitcher apologized for mis-spelling my name. Did you by any chance channel my mother, Ms. Linenstitcher? My formal name is Constance JoAnn, and my nickname was indeed spelled Connie up until my rebellious teen years. Wow. Changed it to c-o-n-i. What a rebel.

Amber asked about the designer of "The Riddle". It's The Drawn Thread..one of my favory fave faves!

Donna gave me a lovely compliment about my latest column in Needlepoint Now (gee, was that a shameless plug or what?) and told me she sees a book deal in my future. From your lips to God's ears, honey!

Danielle asked if I knew the release date for the Alice Peterson Floating Hearts canvas. After further review, I found a piece of paper that told me I ordered this in February of 2003. Unfortunately, I don't know if it was released anywhere around that time...I saw it while surfing on the webinet as a brand new stitcher and wasn't smart enough to write anything down.

Whew! I hope that I haven't left anybody out, and that if I did, your question won't burn a hole in your brain while waiting for my reply. I'm notoriously un-reliable in almost everything, so if you're waiting with breath that is bated for anything of importance from me....bon chance! (What can I say? I suck.)

Time for bed. I'm plowing through this creepy book..."Drood", and it's making for some interesting reading just before sack time. I was reading it out loud to Stewey (yes, I do that), but he requested that I just shut the hell up already and go to bed already. I was happy to do that, but I caught him under the covers with his Kindle last night, so methinks our story hour days are behind us. Damn dog.


  1. Hi Coni,
    I just wanted to tell you that you brighten my day!

  2. You are in for a treat Coni! Dear Frankie is wonderful! I also love Gerard Butler in the Phantom of the Opera... those looks, and he sings too!
    I second Nita, your blog brightens my day too.

  3. DITTO the posts prior to mine!!!

  4. Coni & Stewey,
    Love the happy chair! Would even love it with Stewey's pee. Now I have to find my happy chair! You inspire me to stitch more, thank you!

  5. Sigh. I really have to stop reading new (to me) blogs. I love your work and understand totally about the damn dog. I have a Jack Russell Terror, so am quite familiar with the bed-crowding issue. Best damn dogs ever.

  6. I'm heading over to see "the happy chair" as I have only been reading your blog for about 6 months...and what a delight it has been, I might add :) Maybe when you're gone, Stewey will donate the happy chair to the Smithsonian...LOL

    Thanks for all the stitching inspiration and a peek into your "spinster" life!!

  7. Coni, love your musings in the blog...it brightens my day! One more question for your next 'tell all' - what are you planning on doing with all the orts in your jars? Will you clean them out and start over next year? Just curious. And while I don't have a Stewey, I do have a Ranger kitty and he has decided to take over a pillow for resting his flea ridden head upon so I guess I'll need to get out today to buy him his own so I can have mine back.

  8. Make sure your hanky is handy when you sit down to watch Dear Frankie. I can start to cry just thinking about it, but it's worth it.

  9. Hope this is the correct place to ask you a question...Can you tell me if the Stitch Guide that you referenced for the Painted Pony Autumn Sampler was from either a certain shop/deigner or if it cam along with the canvas from Painted Pony?

    I love your blog - your taste in needle work projects totally coincides with my own - and I love to read and re-read you entries to garner tips to make my own projects better. Plus, Stewey reminds me of my own dog Bella, a toy fox terrier.