Oct 5, 2009


My mom can't come to the blog right now. She's too busy stomping around the house muttering to herself. She spent three days in the Happy Chair stitching away on "The Riddle", and when she looked at her progress this morning she hollered "THAT'S ALL?!!!" and then threw herself down on the bed like a petulant child.

Damn Mommie.

I, for one, think that she did an admirable amount of stitching, especially when you consider that she had to get up every five and a half minutes to let me in/out. The sun kind of peeked around corners this weekend, so I felt the need to maximize my snoozing in sun spots as best I could, and sometimes that meant a little patio time. I tried to tell Mommie Dearest that she could eliminate the whole in/out thing by simply installing a little dog door, but she just looked at me like I was nuts. I suspect that the visions of critters following me in through said dog door was enough to kill the plan on the spot.

I'm pushing the old lady to keep with this project since it's turning out to be a lot lovelier than we had anticipated. The colors on the chart photo really don't do this piece justice. In real life they are rich and very pretty. And since the sentiment that's expressed on this piece is all about GIVING, I'd like to see it finished, framed, and hung before the holidays are upon us.

Speaking of.....I've started my annual letter to Santa Claus. In an effort to be more modest and humble, I think I will only ask for presents that will help me achieve maximum puppy perfectness. I originally thought I'd go for electronics this year....you know, a new laptop, a Kindle, a digital camera, etc., but methinks it would be better to ask for a few treats and toys and be done with it. I don't think I'd mind a little indoor fire hydrant that I could pee on, but Mom's still trying to figure out how to solve the "overspray" issue. Oh well.

Here's hoping that you have a wonderful week. I'm off to finish the laundry in hopes that my mo-ther will cancel my bath appointment over at the PetSmart.

With love from your pal,


  1. oh my, that progress is fantastic. I am starting to fall in love with this chart!

  2. So, stewey, what do you think? Should my Mama get this Riddle chart? I love the way it looks, but your mo-ther seems a more patient woman than mine. I think yours will be able to finish it before the holidays, esp. if you stay where you are and don't ask her to let you out so often. Do you know there are very special pet doors that only open for the resident pet? It has something to do with chips and stuff...

    Kind purrs,

    Your feline friend,

  3. I have to agree that your mommie's Riddle looks amazing. So much so that I picked up some fabric for it this weekend and I think I'm going to ditch that darned Ann Medd and start working on it. Tell her that I love watching her progress on it!!

  4. You're making great progress! But it's never enough, is it?


  5. Waddya mean, 'THAT'S ALL'!!! That is not only beautiful stitching, but is more than I'd get done in a month. It is looking lovely.

  6. i could spend 3 days in the happiest of chairs and still never accomplish that much
    it is a lovely piece of needlework

  7. That's a lot more than "that's all." Did you take a look at your old posts about this? I always find that when I compare my posts, I've stitched a lot more than I think I have. I have some kind of negative eye that subtracts and makes my accomplishments appear smaller than they are.

  8. It's beautiful Stewey...be sore to tell Mommy that.

  9. Stewey, your mom is right about the dog door. When Merlin had a cat door at our old place, we forgot to close it one night, and racoons greeted early the next morning. It was quite exciting.

    Tell your mom to hang in there with The Riddle. It's gonna be so pretty.

  10. Stewey, I can tell your mommie from a doggie who has a doggy door, it really helps not having to get up & down so much. It has saved my mommy & daddy lots of steps to the door. (And no critters have follow me in my door)
    Your friend,
    (king of Ferleaf Lane)

  11. Between you and Nicole....
    The Riddle is growing on me :)

    Stewey, I sure hope that you got to skip the bath :)
    My kiddies are making their Santa letters too...Katie is eleven going on 45 and she asked me if this was really necessary? What say you Stew? I'm pretty sure that Santa only delivers to those that make out letters....

  12. The Riddle is looking sensational!

    Can't you get a dog door with a magnetic 'key' that attaches to your collar so only you can use said door? It would save your mom so many trips to let you in and out!

    I need to write to Santa to tell him I *need* some expensive scissors!

  13. The needlework is exceptional as always. Your mo-ther always inspires me. Stewey, your are such a charmer. I leave your blog smiling.

  14. Why Stewey, you sound so sweet today! Even doing laundry for your Mommy. BTW, you do my laundry and I guarantee you, NO BATHS. (Tempted???)r

  15. Dear Coni,

    I' am the oldest of the Loukos grandchildren. I wrote you a long note but had problems getting the message sent.

    I found your site while looking up information on our Uncle.

    I can be reached at kmctosh@msn.com and would love to open up some lines of commuication.


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