Aug 29, 2009


Stewey's watching some documentary about some war or something and I'm not really interested, so I thought I'd come play on the 'puter for a bit before bed.

Thank you for your lovely comments about my finish. I'm trying not to think too much about it so that I don't jinx myself right into a case of Startitis.

Valerie: I think you'll really enjoy stitching "Traveling Stitcher", but I must caution you to be careful about those pesky arrows on the chart. They indicated the middle of the entire piece of paper...not the individual designs. Also, I don't think there is enough of a margin around the two pieces if you stitch them exactly as charted, but what do I know?

April Mechelle: No stitchy shops within 250 miles?! Holey Schmoley, girl! Have you considered moving to a new location? I shop all over the place and feel very strongly that we stitchers need to share the love with our bloggy pals, our designer pals, and our shopkeeper pals. Once you find a great online store, you're golden! I'm quite partial to MaryKathryn over at because I am addicted to her blog, but there are several wonderful sites out there!

J Rae: The linen that I'm using for "Wildflowers in Sage and Stripes" is called Carnivale and it's from Picture This Plus. Thanks to my craptastic photographic skills, you can't really see how gorgeous it is, but it's stunning. Trust me.

Well, I think I'm going to call it a night. My neighbor has been sitting in her driveway for the last half hour blaring the "Mamma Mia" soundtrack on the stereo of her car, so I'm hoping she wears herself out before I get my teeth brushed or this is going to be a long night. (And they call me the problem in the neighborhood. Sheesh.)


  1. Have you thought of writing your own dictionary? Craptastic, Stitchy, Fee Nee, and on and on..... Girlfriend you could rival Daniel Webster, well maybe the little guy from the Tee Vee show Webster anyway.

  2. Good luck with the neighbor, so sad that she can't play it inside. Maybe the car sound system is better, but at least she could go for a drive while listening. CJ ok;-)

  3. I do hope you were able to get some sleep. Or are you singing the soundtrack to "Mama Mia" today?

    I didn't get to say how lovely your traveling stitcher came out. Beautiful. I really like the fabric too. As for the Country Garden Stitchery piece. Keep at it. It looks like you are more than half finished and the fabric is so pretty. You'll be glad whenit's done. And it's another from the wip basket. Lokk at all the room you are making for new projects.

  4. Good luck with the neighbor. Seems when you reach a certain age, hers not ours, you just become loud, whether your talking or listening to music.

  5. Buy your neighbor an i-pod w/headphones !!! LOL