Aug 29, 2009


"Traveling Stitcher"
Little House Needleworks
32ct. Platinum Cashel
Crescent Colors threads from kit + WDW Cognac

I see from the last post that Stewey filled y'all in on my "disappointment" over not finishing this as quickly as I had hoped. Thanks to my excellent perseverance,i.e., a dog who wouldn't leave me alone until the damn thing was done properly, I am happy to report that Little House Needlework's "Traveling Stitcher" is done. Finshed. Fee Nee.

Last night I picked up "Wildflowers in Sage and Stripes" by Country Garden Stitchery.
After about six minutes of stitching those solid blocks, I realized why this one was in the pile. BORE-RING! I'm going to need a big fat RedBull martini to get through this one. Or maybe somebody hunky on the TeeVee to keep me distracted.

Thanks for commenting on Stewey's "Special Accessory" from his picture. Yes, that's an invisible fence collar that he refuses to wear. He was happy to sport it about town when Martha was on house arrest and wore one too, but now he thinks it's gauche and won't go near it. Damn dog.


  1. Cute finishes Coni! This one is in my stash. I can't wait to start it once I catch up on my gift obligations! Happy weekend!

  2. Coni, I love the stuff you have been showing us, and I think you may have me on the hunt for various Little House Needleworks pieces! GREAT!! More stash.

    Keep up the good work (you too Stewey).

  3. Your needles ARE smoking! Congratulatons on the finish - and as for whopping huge boring blocks on your next project - have you looked at how much you have already done??? My goodness - that big bottom band looks like it's over half way - put on a dvd and stitch - it will be 'FEE NEE' so very soon!
    Keep it up! Putting the rest of us to shame - well done!

  4. Coni, I love the finish of LHN. I also am inquiring about the country Garden Stitchery. I have never heard of them.. I am going to check them out now. Where do you purchase your charts and canvas'? I have no shops in my AREA, Not aroung me for about 250 miles. North, south, east or west... Your stash is great !!!

  5. Coni - you are on a finishing roll! Keep it up!

  6. Hey, Coni! Just found your blog and must say I love it! Your stitching is wonderful and your posts are funny! Your needlepoint is gorgeous! Laura Perrin has such beautiful designs.

    Have to ask...what fabric did you use for the Country Garden Stitchery piece? Such a gorgeous fabric.

    Also see your are a "You've Got Mail" fan. Isn't that a great movie?!!!

    Will definitely pop in again to check out your wonderful stitching. Take care.

  7. Love the Traveling Stitcher. I think I'm gonna have to get that out of my soon-to-be-stitched drawer. Sooner or later.

    And the flowers ... I've never seen that chart before ... very cute.

  8. Wonderful finish, well worth the late night or early morning hours, congrats. Although boring I just love the wildflowers piece the colors a fabulous. CJ ok;-)

  9. The Wildflowers piece is really pretty. I just love the colors in the flowers. Maybe stitching the boring parts when you are watching an interesting movie might help.

    Love your blog. My dogs (well, at least 2 of them) rule the household just as Stewey does yours.

  10. Oh Coni! Traveling Stitcher turned out really nice! Makes me want to get my pattern out and stitch it again! Love the Country Garden one as well! Jolly good show!

  11. Wildflowers may be boring to stitch, but it is a really stunning piece! Love it!