Aug 10, 2009


My mom can't come to the blog right now. She's been overcome by a case of the "Robert Downey, Jr's." My Aunt Chrissy came over yesterday afternoon for some stitching and movie watching, and although I thought we should have viewed several Merchant-Ivory films, the consensus was "Factory Girl" and "Ironman". (Damn that Bosco and his seven-year old boy attention span.)

I liked "Factory Girl", but got really depressed by it, so Mom made me go in the other room for a while to collect my thoughts. Just as I was about to re-join the family, the volume went up, the lights went down, and both Mom and Aunt Chrissy sat transfixed by what should have been a pre-adolescent boy movie. Geeze, Louise...the number of "hubba hubbas" that was flying around was just too much to take after a while. I will say this, though...those muscles and that goatee kept my old lady quiet for the rest of the night.

You would think that a lot of stitching was done, but alas, it was not to be. On Saturday, Mom put some stitchy WIP's on the guest bed to get a better look at them for her next selection: She decided to work on "Cherry Cordial", which is a counted piece done on congress cloth (it's the pink one in the middle), but the whole R.D., Jr. thing was just too much for her pea-sized intellect to handle. I think she stitched and then ripped out a section at least seven times before putting it away.

After movie time, she picked up Country Cottage Needlework's "Garden Girl". When last we left our little heroine, she was bald and didn't have any hands. Now, at least, she has some lovely brown hair and a nice hat to protect her from the sun. I like this one, so I hope Mom sticks with it today and heads for the finish line.

I noticed that y'all were kind enough to post nice comments about the pillows on the guest bed. Here are some close up pics for you (but please forgive the loose threads on the sunflower pillow...Mom needs to take that one apart and re-stitch it.)

That's the Monday report from Chez Spinster. Thanks for stopping by today!

With love from your pal,


  1. Wow, I am very impressed with all your pillows! Beautiful!

  2. wow, your pillows are beautiful. i can want to see him in Sherlock holmes

  3. Love, love, love Ironman. That being said, your pillows are awesome. What wonderful designs.
    I'm so glad you'll be working on Cherry Cordial; it is such a pretty piece.
    Stewey, thank you for the update -- I wouldn't know what to do without this blog to make me smile.

  4. Wow Stewey - you mom's a very talented lady. The pillows are beautiful!! I certainly can't wait to see pictures up close of Cherry Cordial.

    And what can we say about Robert Downey Jr., still my heart!!

  5. LOVE the pillows!!!

    Stewey, tell your mommy that I saw RD, Jr. in person at a restaurant in Laguna Beach, CA when I was visiting a friend that lives there. The waitresses said he comes in all the time. And tell her, yes, he looks just as good in person as he does on screen :)

  6. Wonderful pillows. So sorry Cherry Cordial isn't working out, but the little girl is cute. Thanks for the update, Stewey.

  7. Very beautiful pillows. I hope you are a good dog and leave them alone Stewie! RD Jr.... hubba hubba!

  8. Thank you for sharing your pillows. I hope that Cherry Cordial recovers, it was the first one that caught my eye in the picture, even before I read that it was the selected item before the change of mind (and I'm glad she has a hat now to shelter her head)
    Old Gene Kelly movies I'm sad to say are the ones that distract me. Then there was Brad Pitt in a leather skirt in Troy - Eric Bana was alright too (but I can't forget him as a comic so the illusion doesn't go too far) Despite his personality and all the other detractions - Tom Cruise in a naval uniform....
    Oh and Patrick Squeegee in Dirty Dancing or Roadhouse....
    now you've got me thinking shameless

  9. My gosh, those are gorgeous!! I'm so impressed by your mom's work, Stew....

  10. Stewey be nice and give your momma break every girl gets distracted now and again.

  11. Great choice and Garden Girl is looking good too. The pillows are all beautiful, thanks for sharing. CJ ok;-)

  12. Thanks for the update Stewey. Be nice to your momma; looks like she'll be finished with Garden Girl in no time!