Jun 26, 2009


It's a good thing I'm not responsible for the overall maintenance of Chez Spinster, because I've spent the better part of a week in the Happy Chair doing absolutely nothing. Each morning I woke up with a very comprehensive list of the tasks that were on hand for the day, but somehow I ended up in the big girl bike shorts and seventeen year old t-shirt with nothing but a nap on the brain.

What can I say? I'm just not a hot and humid kind of girl.

Stewey took the camera outside to gather evidence for our weekly "Mother, this place is going to hell in a handbasket" meeting, and I must say that I was duly impressed with his photographic capabilities. I was told, however, that if I don't get out there bright and early tomorrow morning to do some serious dead-heading and weeding that there will be tiny little puppy paw hell to pay.

First up is a hibiscus that is finally blooming. It's twin has been a little more shy this year, so methinks we need to do some coaxing/watering/threatening this weekend: The front path to the door is getting a little crowded by the lilies on the left and the lavender on the right. I guess it's time to think about clippings for some sachets?
Speaking of those lilies, if the number of buds on this one are any indication of what's to come, methinks I should start making big-ass funeral arrangements. Or prom corsages.
I see he stopped to do a little watering (please disregard the woefully neglected geraniums...I'll fix 'em tomorrow. I promise.):
And finally, it looks like Aunt Chrissy and I just might have farm fresh summer salads after all:
Holey schmoley, I can see that I have a TON of weeding to do. I hope I remember to put sunblock on my dowager's hump, or there is sure to be some sun-burnin' goin' on.

Last evening I did manage to do some stitching while watching the Michael Jackson "He's only been dead for six minutes but we're going to roll this retrospective and talk about the legal consequences of his estate" coverage. I am gobsmacked by the speed at which news travels these days, and how we're not happy unless we're getting the most up to date and latest coverage. Of everything on the planet. I suppose that when I die, I hope that the media give Aunt Chrissy a minute to fix her lipstick before they inundate her with questions about my legacy and the impact my death will have on spinsters everywhere. Sheesh.

(Now before you think I am being disrespectful to Mr. Jackson, please note that I would never deign to to so. His music was the soundtrack of my life from the age of seven until the afternoon I graduated from college. So there.)

(I also don't want to forget the fact that another person in the public eye lost their battle with that bastard-that-must-be-eradicated-if-it's-the-last-thing-we-do disease. Rest in peace, Ms. Fawcett. You gave a very brave face to a very ugly reality, and you reminded us that cancer just sucks.)

But I regress.

Here's Bent Creek's "Big Zipper", as stitched on 32ct. Legacy linen (the idea that was shamelessly stolen from Miss Margie of "Two Cool Pugs and Me" fame): That's the report for today. I've heard that the temps and humidity will be down by Monday, so maybe I'll take that as a sign that my stay here at the VeggieTate Inn is coming to a close.


  1. It is too hot to move outside in Kansas. I am with you and the nap idea!

  2. Wow, your June jar is full! That's awesome! Lovely flowers and garden...so sad that Farrah barely got any press before it was inundated over Michael's death. They should get equal coverage.

  3. Thanks for the fabulous lawn and garden tour. Everything looks mahvelous.

  4. I'd like to make a reservation at the VeggieTate please. :touching back of hand to forehead:

    Big Zip looks great!

  5. Poor baby. You need a new canvas. I think you should check these out.

    Stewey likes the cape/tiara one.

    I'm fond of the hearts one myself.

  6. My husband remarked about the speed in which hour long news programs were put together on Michael and Farrah. I used to love his music (still do a little) so was sorry for both their passings. Have fun in the garden weeding. I did that last week (back still hurts) and we got a ton of rain yesterday, so I know there are more waiting.

  7. I agree just to hot to move. Loving the Big Zipper so far. CJ ok;-)

  8. There's a wonderful little Cross-Stitch pattern theat may help with the weed situation. It says:
    "Weeds for Sale
    Pick your Own"
    Just an idea to help a busy stitcher.
    Every thing looks good. How do you get that Lavender to come back in that cold climate?

  9. We had severe thunderstorms here in western PA yesterday that cleared out all the humidity. Today was just gorgeous...hi of 76* and NO humidity!!

    I was not a fan of Michael Jackson (at any point of his career) and saw him at Ceasar's Palace in Las Vegas a few years back when he was "incognito" and passing through the shops at the Palace. Very strange looking man. I think he had a lot of mental problems and was on a downward spiral to self destruction for a long time. Too bad. I find it very sad that the media has given him more coverage than they did for Farrah or Ed McMahon. Our local news channel had a bulletin at 5:30 ET from LA that he had died, but all the major news programs (CNN, Fox, MSNBC) didn't report it until an hour later. Sheesh!

  10. I hope Stewie hasn't been 'watering' your herbs or veggies ! ! !
    Lovely to see such greenery - one day I'll have a garden - I'll just content myself with my hoya and hyacinth for now....
    Nice stitching too!

  11. It sure IS hot - thankfully we have aircon!!!! Stewey - tell your mommie if she is a little bored stitching-wise to go look at some stitchy sites like Theresa Wentzler's Ink Circles, Fine Art Cross Stitch to name but a few!!!! It's what I do when I have the dreaded stitching ennui!!! Your garden is lovely BTW - enjoy the salads!!

  12. All I ask is that if I die on the same day as say..Tom Cruise....that you all wait a few days until that settles to announce my death....somewhere sweet Farrah is saying...."Are you kidding me!"