Jun 29, 2009


I've developed a new Monday morning habit. Rather than getting down in the dumps because I accomplished/did/created/stitched absolutely nothing over the weekend, I decided that I would log on to all of your stitchy blogs and then.....pretend that I had your weekend!

So let's see what I did, shall we?

Well, I did a LOT of housecleaning and re-arranging of furniture. I scrubbed floors, made lovely curtains, and re-upholstered a sofa or two. My windows are washed, my closets are all organized, and each and every houseplant has been lovingly watered and fed.

I weeded, watered and fed all of the outside gardens, planted a few new trees, built some lovely new raised flower beds and cut bundles of lovely blooms for inside arrangements.

I shopped at tag sales, garage sales, Michael's, Borders, the Farmers' Market, and the local pet refuge center. I also went to the grocery, bank, post office, dry cleaners, and the Goodwill donation drop-off center.

I made banana bread, strawberry jam, a wonderful grilled chicken dish, and a vegetable taitan.

I made and sent about sixty-three stitchy gifts, each perfectly coordinated, lovingly wrapped, and perfectly packed for safe transport to the stitchy friend recipient. I cleaned and organized my studio, re-arranged and better situated my Happy Chair and sharpened all of my scissors. I finished three painted canvases, four counted canvas pieces, and seven cross-stitched projects that had been languishing in my WIP bin. I also taught myself how to make a Temari.

I worked out, ate well, and played fetch with Stewey until the fireflies came out.

I visited my local libraries, museums, festivals, and concerts in the park, and I swam in a lovely local pool.

I learned French.

I read eight novels, two biographies, and six non-fiction books, as well as bought and loaded my new Kindle.

I wrote letters to everybody I know and sent cards and little mementos to everybody in my book that has an upcoming birthday, graduation, special day, or new house and/or job.


OK, it would seem that we're totally off the rails here, but you get the idea of what I'm trying to do. Let me just say this: Y'all are a bunch of very busy and productive individuals! I am exhausted just reading about all of your wonderful adventures and accomplishments. Maybe you should slow it down a little and give a spinster a break, eh?

Here's what I did do this weekend while watching The Dark Knight, Run FatBoy Run, The Nanny Diaries, and Cat People:


  1. Hey, you did great progress!

    Now I on the other hand did not. :) I'm not even going to show how little there was of my weekend stitching. So there!


  2. Coni, your project is progressing famously, and if you enjoyed your weekend of stitchyness and movie watching, that's all that matters. Every moment counts!


  3. Coni, I love reading your blog! I am always amazed at your stitching progress! You uplift my spirits and I always want to organize all my stash when you do yours and you show your studio. I love it when you show your stitching chair and how you have it all set up. I think you are too cool for words! Your blog is the first one I look at everyday! I guess that makes me a very sad specimen of a woman.... I don't care, I love reading your blog! :) and keep writing it!!! I love Stewey also! Amy

  4. How'd you know we played fetch until the fireflies came out? I didn't blog that! Great stitching progress, by the way.

  5. You're too funny. I wish I blogged so that you'd feel better reading mine because I don't think I accomplished much this weekend. You, on the other hand, have some beautiful stitchery to show. I enjoy your blog so much; thank you for adding such enjoyment to my day.

  6. Well, I'm exhausted from reading all that! I think you deserve a break today - stitch something fun!

  7. Your so funny. Always bring a smile to this girl face. If it is any indication, my dog sam refused to place fetch this weekend. in fact he took his ball to the other room so he could nap

  8. Sounds like a perfect weekend to me.......

  9. You and I must have had the same kind of weekend! Frankly, I'm exhausted...LOL

  10. I think I work at your speed. The real you is just fine. Love the little bunny you've added. CJ ok;-)

  11. Keep up the stitching and movie watching it is bound to be good for you if you enjoy it.

  12. OOOO I have weekends like that too! Had a good chuckle - thanks. Seriously, you HAVE made progress on your stitching adn you have the photo to prove it. Give Stewie a hug for me too!

  13. I think you may need a hug. You are as productive as any of us. My blog was long and chock full of things because I didn't add to it for 6 weeks! Please don't copy me. I need your injection of humor at least every other day! And that goes for Stewie's input too!

  14. You are always leaving me in chuckles! lol! Hey! You got in some movies and some stitching...what more could you want? lol! LOVE the progress!!!

  15. I guess you didn't visit my blog as you didn't have an eight year old house guest to wear you out!!

  16. Whew! What a weekend!!! You must be exhausted! :-D
    I watched Run Fatboy Run this weekend too and was surprised to see the main character again as Scottie in the new Star Trek movie. Loved him in both. Have a great week!

  17. You and Stewey are too much. I like the progress on your piece. Love the colors too.

    Gosh your weekend was great! It was so hot here we watched the old Star Wars in the afternoon! And I stitched on my BBD Quaker Stocking (March). Hmmm, should post on my blog.

    Have a great evening!

  18. Coni, you are just wonderful as you are! I woke up this morning feeling lousy, as the side fence blew in during a storm last night....read your blog entry and started smiling...Anyone who has that effect on another person...no matter how far across the pond...is WONDERFUL!


  19. Oh Coni,


    And you don't EVEN want to hear about my crazy weekend. It's why I don't post family news on my blog. No one would ever believe it.

    Meanwhile I've just spent 5 minutes telling my teenage son that yes he does have underwear and his father probably put it in his father's drawer instead of separating it. DS is walking around telling me that it's disgusting that he doesn't have underwear on. LOL!!!

    I'm sure Stewey has many pairs of the appropriate undergarments that are necessary for his many fashion statements. :-)

    Windy Meadow

  20. You're zipping right along! Was it the movies that moved you along?

    I think living vicariously through blogging works. And if it works ...

  21. Don't go so fast, remember it's the journey that counts. Your stitching looks great. Enjoy.

  22. I hope you went to France as well...

  23. Oh my gosh, I love your idea of borrowing everyone else's weekend achievements instead bumming that not enough got done!

  24. I agree, it's a little humbling, reading about all those accomplishments out in blogland...but what's a girl to do? Don't feel your weekend activities didn't measure up! Your stitching is coming along great.