May 26, 2009


Aunt Chrissy and I don't drink alcoholic beverages (for reasons which are REAAALLY apparent when you've been with us for more than fifteen minutes), but that doesn't mean that we don't enjoy cold bevvies every now and then. This last weekend, we implemented the STITCHIN' SPINTER SISTERS SUMMER OF THE MUMU AND MOCKTAIL with three days of non-stop mumu-wearing, mocktail-sipping, stitcy-pawing fun.

Now I know you're thinking that this probably involved a lot of party decorations and several days of non-stop entertaining, but the truth of the matter is that we spent the last three days doing nothing but putzing around our respective houses, getting together in the evenings for dinners and movies, and wearing the ever important mumus. (I mean, you can't exactly have a SUMMER OF THE MUMU without actually wearing mumus, no?

So while Aunt Chrissy and I did nothing but sit on our stitchy a**es, Stewey and Bosco were hard at work making the places look ready for the season. They asked me to share with you the results of their labors, since both of them are just plain tuckered out today and are taking longer than usual snoozy naps.

First up is the view from the Happy Chair if you happen to be standing on the seat cushion (which I highly disapprove of, by the way):

Looking to the left when you step out onto the patio, you'll see the grill shoved into the corner, and then a few little plantings. Stewey selected hot pink geraniums because he thought they would contrast nicely with the sagey green siding, but Bosco wanted dandelions. Considering this is the site of the demise of Stewey's tomato plants last year, he felt that HE was entitled to pick the flowers for a sort of memorial:

Looking straight ahead, you'll see the fancy new solar post light that we found at the garden center. Stewey is always a little concerned about the overall critter population in the dark recesses of the back yard when he goes out for his night night potty trip, so he emptied his allowance account to pick this up:

And finally, looking to the right is the new vegetable garden:

Now, I know this will come to a HUGE surprise to most of you, but did you know that a 4-foot by 8-foot garden requires a LOT of dirt? About 1.25 cubic yards to be exact. This would have involved the purchase of 60+ bags of said dirt from the garden center and then poor Aunt Chrissy would have been tasked with carrying each bag around from the driveway. I didn't even have to ask her if this was something she wanted to do before she was on the phone to the landscaper ordering the dirt and labor to get my garden all set up. They'll be here Wednesday provided it doesn't rain.

This doesn't mean that I didn't get the veggies, however. I bought tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers, cauliflowers, cabbages, basil, sage, AND a huge bowl filled with salad greens that will continue to grow all summer long:

The one thing that we just couldn't pass up were some lovely Boston ferns. Mom used to grow them on the front porch of our Lima house, and people would drive by and actually get out of their cars to come up and touch them to see if they were real. One year we measured the diameter of them and they were almost five feet across! Mom always gave them away to friends at the end of the summer, and one year Mr. Murino had to bring his van to get it home. This one isn't quite that big yet, but methinks it looks kinda' pretty:

And last, but certainly not least, is a progress pic of "Spring Trainin". I'm still really enjoying this and will probably keep right on stitching it until something else distracts me:

So that's the report from Chez Spinster today, kids. I hope to have a lot of stitchy progress for you this week, because I'm feeling the need to plant my butt in the chair and not get up until something is fnished. Stay tuned!


  1. I love the Solar Post light. Did you get it at one of the big box stores or a smaller store? If it's a chain, I'd love to know where, because I hate to go from store to store looking for something. Unless of course it's a stitchy store. Thanks.

  2. I do love all the adventures of Stewey! Sounds like all of you had a great weekend.

  3. Never mind the plants, where'd you get the MUMUS? Cuz you can never have too many MUMUS in the Summer.
    On a MUMU hunt!

  4. I'm gonna ask the same question--where did you get the mumus? Must have mumus for summer stitching. Now you need to get out on your patio, in your mumu and plant your stitch butt in one of those pretty chairs and stitch under the summer (or nearly summer)sky. What a lot of work those pups did to get your yard ready for summer, and how smart of Aunt Chrissy to call the landscaper!

  5. Hi Coni,

    Love the summery pictures, especially since it's raining here again in Windy Meadow. Well, at least the drought is over! Sigh...

    Tell the boys they did a great job!

    I also love Aunt Chrissy's idea of hiring a gardener and crew for the vegetable garden. :-)

    While out shopping this weekend for unmentionables for DD's prom this coming weekend and next weeks graduation I saw Mumuus! I even stopped and looked as they were more younger looking than usual. But I was not to be distracted so onward I went on the hunt for a flesh colored slip, size medium, 26" long and a black strapless bra. YES, I was successful!

    Not much stitching going on here in Windy Meadow but I plan on planting my tuckus in my stitching chair on June 7, 2009 and no one better ask me for anything! Well, except maybe for hugs. :-)

    Windy Meadow

  6. Hey I found several muumuus and floats (LOL) at Vermont Country Store dot com. All sizes. I think muumuus are making a come back; well at least at my house they are!

  7. You give me so many new (or forgotten) ideas that I LOVE!!!! Muumuu it is!! :) Love the plants! Stitching looks great!

  8. Can I throw my MUMU in the car and come on up to Chez Spinster? I'd love to spend the weekend at such a beautifully decorated, landscaped home and just chill with the sisters....honestly I would...I could bring Chatty along so Bosco and Stewey had some rip roaring entertainment chasing the cat....

  9. Mumus, mocktails and Boston ferns. I feel like I've walked into a short story! LOL! Hooray for sisters and for dogs with style! :D

  10. Stewey sounds very industrious! Thanks for the laugh... Mumus and Mocktails sound perfectly wonderful to me! BTW - love your ort collector header... way cool.