May 21, 2009


I walked into the living room today to discover that Stewey has replaced his perch blanket with a white terry cloth towel. His perch is the back of one of the loveseats, and from there he can supervise the patio, the living and dining rooms, and most of the bedroom. Apparently, the purple fleece blanket that WAS on the perch was causing him to get sweaty, and he doesn't do sweaty. So he felt that white terry cloth would be reminiscent of a swanky spa and that he might be more comfortable when he sips his afternoon cucumber water. Damn dog.

Aunt Chrissy and I are determined to have a good weekend. We're heading to the grocery store for provisions tonight, and then tomorrow night we're going to hit the garden centers for flowers and vegetables for my gardens. That means that Saturday we'll plant, Saturday evening we'll bitch about how tired we are, and Sunday we'll eat. By Monday, we'll slap a few hot dogs on the grill and be done with it.

I love all of the seasons, but summer is definitely my least favorite. I don't do heat. I don't do sun, and I definitely don't do bugs. Given the whack-a-do temperature range that we can experience here in Hoosierville, I'm never really sure if I'm going to be spending the summer in front of the air conditioner, or if I'll be able to step out a few times for a breath of fresh air. I don't go camping, I've never really been that much into nature, and for me, the perfect idea of a vacation is a suite on the concierge level at some big city Marriott. (The one in Chicago is particularly nice, especially if you can get a good view and have a little room service breakfast while you're reading your complimentary USA Today.)

(Hmmm. Re-reading that has me thinking one very obvious thing about myself: CAN YOU SAY PRINCESS???!!) Oh well, I suppose that one is allowed to get to a certain stage of life when one can stay inside without having to apologize for it. Besides, I don't have stitchy sunglasses, and the glare would be rather unpleasant, methinks.

When I turned 40, Aunt Chrissy and I spent a week in Turks and Caicos. We rented a villa called Limbo Cottage and we did absolutely nothing but sit and look at the gorgeous water. I think we might have put our toes on the sand once so that we could say we did, but we were quite happy to see the fishes and things from above the waves rather than below. This, of course, was ridiculous, since I've been told that the diving in Grace Bay is some of the best in the world, but what do I know? Anywhoose.....I spent the next two years apologizing to people that I went away on vacation (my first, by the way), and didn't do a damn thing but stitch. (Oh, and have a minor heart attack when a flying cockroach the size of a Buick decided to join us in the living room one night, but that's a story for another day. Suffice it to say....two grown women who are terrified of bugs should be allowed to carry firearms.)

So whatever your pleasure may be this weekend, please do enjoy yourself. I fully intend to stitch my eyeballs out and get my heiney so numb that I forget it's there (and that's a LOT of forgetting, don't you know). If I don't sleep or take too many potty breaks I just might be able to finish a thing or two, so we'll see how this goes!

Happy Memorial Day, you USA'ers! (Damn! Do peoples in other parts of the world celebrate Memorial Day? Oh dear, please forgive me if I've offended.....Happy Weekend to you too!)


  1. Enjoy! I too will be planting at my son's house on Sat, but definitely relaxing the rest of the weekend.
    Oh..I also get to admire all the cute Sailors and Marines here in NYC for Fleet Week!

  2. I've been gleefully reading your posts for a month or two and have to tell you that I so look forward to each and every one. (And to be able to read your effervescent thoughts in Needlepoint Now ~ well, it is just better than hoped for.) So.. thanks for brightening my day. And for making me stop and think about the good stuff every so now and then... You and Master Stewey (& Aunt Chrissy!) give a lot of good to those of us who have discovered you and I want to let you know how much it's appreciated. Wish you were closer so we could do lunch and swap tales of our stitchy fun. In the meantime ~ Happy Memorial Day. We DO have much to be grateful for here in the good old US of A. Thanks for taking the time to remind us! Best ~

  3. Hi Coni, have a great weekend! And, have lots of fun with Chrissy! I can only imagine what kind of trouble you two will get into at the garden center---you might find a 9 foot pear fountain and Chrissy will have to balance it on top of your car while you drive home! :)

  4. I HATE HATE HATE the heat as well. I break a sweat at 60 degrees.
    Have a great holiday weekend!

  5. I agree with you about the heat!! Stitching inside is the best!!!

  6. Oh, Coni, you are not alone. I'm also one of those stay inside, stitch in front of the a/c to get through the summers. I no longer feel guilty not going outside, I don't do yard work, or plant flowers anymore, and I only go out enough to jump into my car and turn on the a/c there.

    Sounds like you and Aunt Chrissy have a wonderful weekend planned, so have fun, and we all look forward to seeing your finishes.

  7. I agree with you wholeheartedly about the outdoors. We are building a house. All our potential contractors showed us gorgeous, elaborate pools and curving glass walls that fold back and disappear. It was hard to convince them that we didn't want a pool. (At least we don't need to plant any grass!) I even killed all the herbs in my Aero Garden. (I guess you need to spend a little time with it after all.) I don't want to open up my cool and shady rooms to the Outside. I want a studio. I want a home theater that looks and sounds great in the dark. I want a nice kitchen. The rest is just frippery.

  8. Oh Coni. A woman after my own heart. Summer heat... why??!?? I don't do gardens, planting flowers, heat, sun or bugs either. Anything over 70 (ok *maybe* 75) is a complete waste. Now as for the hotel room, room service, some stitching and a fully functioning air conditioner? All I can say is when do we leave? :) Have a great time with Aunt Chrissy!!

  9. It sounds like a convention of like-minded people. I don't like to stitch outside, and what is there to life if not stitching? I do like to camp, but DH doesn't, so I'm off the hook there. Have a wonderful weekend!

  10. Now do you eat your dogs plain, with ketchup only, mustard? Relish? 'em burned, barely warm? Me, you ask? I'm a blackened dog eater, with relish and mustard, hold the ketchup ;)

    I hope you have a wonderful weekend, take some motrin prior to planting...I find the aches much less noticeable then! HUGS!

  11. No, not princessy--just more of a city-girl vacationer. I love a stitchy city vacation! I don't camp, do bugs, snorkel, or even enjoy the beach much. But a fancy hotel--oh, my yes. I'll be thinking of you in my local garden center while you're in your garden center, and doing the same thing you'll be doing--complaining about how hot and tired and dirty I am tomorrow night. Happy weekend to you, Aunt Chrissy and Stewey!

  12. I'll be working in the yard, preparing for a BBQ on Monday to celebrate my baby's 29th birthday. Stitching and doing some proofreading of the next issue of Needlepoint Now and stitching, stitching and more stitching. What a good way to celebrate the weekend and the beginning of summer. I hate summer, but love stitching on my porch when it's in the low 70's. 75 and above, the dogs and I agree - air conditioning. If they are panting, I have to turn it on for them, of course. It's always about the dogs.

  13. Nope, we don't do Memorial Day over here, at least not on the same day as you do.
    Hm. You don't do heat and you don't do holidays like normal people and you don't do bugs. I mentally shake hands with you, my friend.

  14. Love reading your posts! and i hate camping too! why go away to sleep outside on the floor when we have perfectly goods beds at home! cant see the point.
    I hate bugs, but bugs love me & my blood lol,
    We don't celebrate memorial day in the UK but we have a Bank Holiday on Monday and the sun is shining, something of a rarity on a Bank Holiday!
    Have a good weekend.