Mar 25, 2009


Talk about a ho hum kind of day....if it weren't for all of the stitchy blog reading I have to do, I'd consider a snoozy nap.

The bunny on BD's "Easter Parade" now has a basket and a bag. He seems much happier now that he's properly accessorized:
Last night I decided to play with LJP's "Daisy Collage". I've lusted over this project for so long now, and I've sipped at it long enough. Do you ever have projects like that? You know, when you think of them like a piece of chocolate that you just don't want to finish or a book that you wish would never end? Well, I decided that I just might enjoy the stitched piece even more than the photo on the cover of the chart, so I went for it:
I know, I know. It doesn't look like much now, but putting these border lines in first is very important to the overall success of the piece. Besides, if Miss Laura J. Perin Her Very Self told me to go stand in the corner and spit wooden nickles, I'd do it in a New York minute. I'm hoping that I'll finish the outer border this afternoon so that I can play with all of the fabulous patterns in the various sections!

Stewey concurs with me that a nap might be in order:The poor little thing was traumatized last night when he went out for his night night potty. Something must have spooked him out there in the dark, because he screamed bloody murder and then came running into the house with tears in his little eyes. Oh, my heart just melted when he jumped up into my arms needing comfort. I swear I would have sung him a lullaby if I knew it wouldn't get me locked up in the "special place". Damn dog.


  1. Ah, nothing says "spring" like a stitched bunny, eh? Very sweet!! And with LJP daisies sprouting all over the place, I'm guessing your spring fever is in full bloom (pun definitely intended)!

    Looks like Stewey got the head start on the napping. Better get crackin' if you're going to catch up.

  2. Very cute bunny.

    Poor Stewey. Merlin (my old man cat) understands perfectly. After a scare a long while back, he won't even go out on the deck without a person in attendance.

  3. I can't wait to see your Easter bunny on this fabric! My easter bunny like this is quite possibly my favorite stitch that I've done. I "heart" him!

  4. Oh my - poor Stewey...goodness, I wouldn't like to have to potty outside in the dark either...

    Your BBD is looking FABULOUS! Isn't that bunny just the cutest with those stitches all over him? I love him!

  5. Poor Stewey! mutts get spooked all of the time! Back hair raised, uncessant barking....I feel for him...thank goodness for a "mother's love"!
    Miss Laura J. Perin is now a favorite of mine (because of you!) I never did canvas, and I love it!!! You may owe her a buck or two for turning me onto her designs!
    Beautiful spring choice......

  6. Love Laura Perin's designs!