Mar 23, 2009


Well I suppose that I should finish "The Cable Chronicles" for y'all, especially since you indulged my half-wit ramblings. I did indeed manage to speak with a real live human being (eventually), and I scheduled an appointment for 3pm Saturday afternoon. (Please note that my only other time slot alternative was 5:30AM to 7:30 AM Sunday morning). AM! As in the AM! Who the hell fixes cablevision thingies at 5:30AM? ON A SUNDAY!

Stewey and I hit the sack after a little more fiddling with the TeeVee to see if we could fiddle it into submission. No such luck. When we awoke the next morning: WOOHOO!! The cablevision thingie had magically fixed itself during the night. AND! I received an automated message on my answering machine that said "We detected an outage in your area and have since fixed the problem. We've taken the liberty of cancelling your appointment with our technician, but if you would prefer that your appointment be maintained, please call....blah blah blah." Just as I was about to hit the delete message button, I heard the dreaded phrase: "We're sorry for your inconvenience. Thank you for your patience."

So that would explain why I had cocktails for breakfast.

Just kidding. I had cranberry juice, coffee with cream and Equal, and toast. Just like a person does.

Aunt Chrissy and I had a simply spectacular Saturday with our lovely new BSF Carol. Carol is a fellow stitcher from the great state of Pennsylvania, right here in the U.S. of A., and as it happens, she and her husband were visiting the Hoosierville area. So we made plans to meet at a LNS and then have lunch afterwards.

Oh, how can I begin to tell you what joy it is to make a new stitchy friend! The moment Chrissy and I laid eyes on her, we were smitten. Carol has been a stitcher for years and is a very experienced teacher of needlepoint. Unfortunately, she didn't reveal this fact to us until AFTER we had blathered on about this and that (which was probably all wrong), so we're pretty sure she wanted to smack us after about ten minutes for being such stitchy boobs. Methinks it was rather like talking on and on about painting to Picasso. Only our Picasso just smiled and made us so comfortable that we didn't even realize that we were in the presence of yet another stitching rock star.

What is it about stitching that binds us so? Now I know that I am still a relatively new member of the group, but I feel like I could walk right up to any stitcher on any corner of the globe and immediately have a deep and abiding connection with him/her. Shouldn't we have secret decoder rings or something?

So Carol.....THANK YOU! for a simply divine day with us! We can't wait to see you again, and we hope that you haven't moved or changed your phone number to avoid having to deal with us ever again.

Yesterday, Stewey and I did some major organizing up in the studio. I took all of the crap upstairs that had been littering the dining room table, so he was very pleased. I pawed through stash for about three hours and then put together a "Spring" basket of projects that I'd love to play with for the next several weeks. There are ten projects in the basket, so I wonder if I should have a little TEN PROJECT CHALLENGE for myself? You know what I mean....finish these TEN PROJECTS before moving on to something new?

My selection for last night was Blackbird Design's "Easter Parade". I started this while watching the season finale of Big Love. I'm sure that I would have made better progress, but I had to put it down rather frequently to pay attention to whatever the hell was going on. I have such a rock for a head. I just couldn't figure parts of it out right away, and I gave myself a headache trying to understand the finer plot points. (Don't worry, I do this with the movie "Vanilla Sky" too. I've seen that movie about a dozen times, but I end up walking around the house for days afterwards muttering to myself that I must have blacked out or something, because all I could do was sit there slack-jawed with a big HUH? in my brain.) But I regress...

What I love about this project is the linen. It's called "Carnivale" and is from Picture This Plus. I am the deliriously happy owner of several fat quarters of their linen, and this one seemed a perfect match to the lovely thread colors.
Naturally, my craptastic photographic skills don't do it justice. It's gorgeous, Trust me.

So we're off to a sunny, yet cool day here at Chez Spinster. Stewey had carefully applied his sunscreen and is working on that base tan for spring break. I've decided to re-wash the floors, since SOMEBODY made a mess of them, and now all I see are streaky parts. Never fear...this feeling of productivity will pass quickly, kids. I'll be in that Happy Chair faster than you can say q-snaps! Woo Hoo!


  1. What a great start - and what a super weekend you had!!! I think we should have a secret handshake that involves some sort of password..... or how about a cheer????

  2. I never saw this Blackbird Designs...and I thought I owned all of them! Love Love Love your blog - read it everyday. I'm glad to see someone else had problems with Vanilla Sky???

  3. i hope that needlepoint frog is in your spring line up
    chuckling about your post
    now back to house cleaning

  4. I am glad your cable is fixed. I hate those automated calling things too. Glad you had a stitchy weekend.

  5. Come to my blog...I have something there for you.

  6. I never understood Vanilla Sky either, had to have my son explain it to me, instead of watching it 100 times. Love your start, that fabric looks fantastic.

  7. So glad your TV problems were solved...

    That fabric is beautiful, and so are the treads you are going to use.

    Happy Spring!

  8. I'm glad your cable problem was fixed - 5:30am appointments? I'm sure they just do that to see how inconvenient they can make your life!

    The fabric for Easter Parade look gorgeous :)

  9. You have hit on a perfect money maker to increase your stash.....decoder rings for stitchers.....Deign something and have the ladies at Charland Silver make it for us all....Rather than two hands holding a heart (the Irish love thing) it could be two hands holding scissors/hoop/needle!
    As always, thank you....

  10. I love that linen with those fibers!

  11. LOL, I'm so glad I found your blog. I'm glad to see your cable problem has found it's resolution, even if the solution did tempt you toward a cocktail breakfast.

    I've never seen that Blackbird Design either. Love the fabric and thread combination!

  12. Soudns like a great weekend and peace has returned if Stewey has his cable back
    Love the colors

  13. Who DOES fix cable stuff at 5:30 on Sunday morning??? Those people are out of hand.

    I'm so with you on Big Love and Vanilla Sky. Big Love always drives me crazy, but this season especially. Whenever I think I know what's gonna happen, a bizarre turn takes place. What a weird bunch. And as far as the fourth-wife-who-got-away goes, why would anyone wanna join that group?

    Every time I watch Vanilla Sky, a "huh?" escapes from my open mouth. Good to know it's not just me.