Feb 4, 2009


Well gee, this is kind of awkward...

I'm sorry that I opened my big mouth and mentioned the Stitch in Public Day. I received an email invitation/press release and thought I was passing info along, but now I'm not so sure that I should have done that. So....if you are interested in this thing, please call Bea Lies at 574-257-1833. Apparently, Bea is the President of the South Bend/Michiana chapter of the EGA, so she should be the one to give you information. (I'm not even a member of their guild, so I probably should not have invited the whole wide world to come to the mall that day!) I do sincerely apologize if I've offended anybody out there who is a member of that guild and would prefer for me to just mind my own bees-wax.

But I can tell you that Mark (at the mall), was lovely and said it probably wouldn't be a problem, but he just wanted to have some idea of what was what.

Crawling back under my rock now....


  1. Had you not put info on your blog -- I'd never have known.

    Seems you should be able to promote stitching events on your blog -- no apology should be necessary

  2. It's being advertised publicly - I did a google search for it and found this press release:


    "Anyone who is interested is invited to come and sit/stitch with us."

    I don't think you owe anyone an apology!

  3. It is a public venue and a public function - you don't owe anyone an apology.

  4. Good grief, who on earth would complain about you talking about a Stitch in Public Day??!!!!!
    Or perhaps they think that people should only stitch in public when someone tells them they can.

    Surely they should be pleased if lots of people outside their guild turns up.

  5. Doesn't anyone think it odd that he left a comment on her blog? Could he not have contacted the guild or whatever?

  6. The event is to promote stitching any way the word gets out should be appreciated. Thanks for the info just wish I could go:(!

  7. It clearly stated in yesterday's blog that the EGA had sent you information and that you weren't the one that arranged the stitch-in.

    Looks like Mark needs to not only read before he makes a post like that. Either he has no clue what's taking place at his mall, or your EGA chapter never arranged it with him. That's their apology, not yours.

    But the poor guy was probably a bit frantic. I'm sure he had immediate visions of a million stitching grannies sitting in his comfy sofas taking up space and not buying a darned thing.

    Alright.. someone needs to fess up and admit that they called and tipped the poor guy off to Miss Coni's blog. *wink*