Feb 3, 2009


It doesn't look like a lot of progress, but I finished the stems and leaves and moved on to the flowers. This, of course, was a relief, since the flowers are done using Crescent Colors (as opposed to Weeks Dye Works and Gentle Art...what is UP with the quality/texture of these threads?!).

I'm still really enjoying this and think it's due to the linen...Barn Owl by Birds of a Feather. Thanks to faithful stitchy friend Donna (Needleworker Not In Paradise), I learned that Linens by Design is now making these lovely fabrics. Woo Hoo! BOAF is one of my favorite stitchy sources, so I'm glad to know we can continue to get their fabulous fabrics.

I received word that National Stitch in Public Day in this area will be held at the University Park Mall food court. It's Saturday, February 7th, from 10-3. If I can convince her to go, Aunt Chrissy and I will be there with bells on and our stitchy bags in tow! I haven't joined our local EGA yet (I am a member-at-large), but one of the lovely ladies in Crewel class sent me the info. I suppose this will mean a trip to the mall....a place I have only visited twice since moving back to South Bend in 1999. Sigh.

I'm off to the kitchen to concoct something for dinner. In honor of Ina Garten's birthday today (Hi Ina! Happy Birthday! Waving to you from Mishawaka! Love your show and everything you have ever done in your whole entire life!), I am thinking of making something from one of her cookbooks. Shrimp scampi, anyone?

Stewey's in the guest room, furiously cleaning out the closet. Methinks his "sleepy" pictures really p***** him off, so looks like he'll be bunking elsewhere tonight. Oh well. More room for me!


  1. I always tell DH that I want Ina as my WIFE!!LOL LOL

  2. Thanks for the good word about BOAF, will give them a look. Meanwhile, "Wake up, little Stewey, wake up!" :) The Everly Brothers

  3. Your garden is beautiful!!! Nice to be indoors while the lake effect snow howls outdoors. I'm so tired of Winter - that darn Groundhog!!!

    Enjoy your in public stitching. Feb 7th is also buy one get one free pretzel day at the Barnes & Noble Cafe.

  4. Beautiful progress Coni! You're right the linen is gorgeous! :)

  5. I'll have to see what kind of plans I have for Saturday - the mall is only 30 minutes from me! So, I'll recognize you by the bells you'll be wearing?

  6. Your piece is coming along great! Wish I could join you at the mall for stitching but I think my car will be getting some work done. Oh well!

  7. Interesting. The only project that I have used Crescent Colors was Raise the Roof's Warm Water Wash and I HATED them. They were poor quality and NOT variegated. I swore I would never, ever use them again. I love my WDW and GAST threads. But Nora Corbett's Letters use a lot of Crescent Colors -- replace or try again?

  8. I love your project!!! It looks wonderful. Last time when I was using some GASTs I was having a couple of problems with them, they were producing knots whenever I made a stitch. Never happened with WDWs. I only used CC once and they were good to stitch with.

  9. it's beautiful...Ilove the lazy daisy stitches....it looks simple and elegant...as for Stewey, I would make him sleep in the guest room!

  10. I use thread ease with Gentle Arts threads

  11. Coni,

    This is Mark from the mall office at University Park Mall.
    We got word of your "stitch in" event you'd like to do this Saturday.

    Normally, we ask people to seek permission when hosting any events in the food court or mall so we can alert our security and food court staff.

    If you have any idea of how many people may join you on Saturday, please call me at 574-271-5531, just so I can let both staffs know that would be great.

    Thanks Coni!

    University Park Mall

  12. I love the garden! I did a quick search and sadly it is discontinued!

    Ah well... I've got enough projects going on!

  13. I wonder why Mark doesn't realize that this is an already scheduled event and that it is open to the public?

    Anyway... let me know if you're going to be there... I'd love to meet you and Chrissy.