Feb 12, 2009


"If I knew I was supposed to be comfortable in my own skin I would have used better moisturizer." -- Ms. Coni J. Rich Her Very Self on the occasion of FINALLY doing laundry

Eleven loads down, two to go!

And yes, in case you're wondering, all eleven are mine. I have not yet started to take in other people's laundry for some extra stitching money, and Stewey refuses to allow me near any of his wardrobe.

I used to be a person who did all of her laundry once a week -- wash, dry, fold, put it away. I was very smug about it too.

Then it was every other week.

Then I started to do it when I ran out of underpants.

Then I stopped wearing underpants under my eighteen-year old sweatpants.

Then I stopped going into the closet because you couldn't see the floor, and besides, when you wear pajama tops and sweatpants all day who needs to go into the closet anyway?

Then I woke up, smacked myself in the head and realized that this laundry was NOT going to march itself into the laundry room and voluntarily jump into the machine with some suds and all-color bleaching product.

Why is it that when I lived in an apartment complex and had to haul laundry to a completely separate building, I managed to do so with regularity and discipline? AND! I even had to make sure to have the requisite number of dimes and quarters for the extortionist who doled out the tokens to use the washers and dryers. Now that the freakin' laundry room is ten steps away from the place where the clothes usually hit the floor, I can't be bothered to actually put them in the $*#&% washer and then just TURN IT ON?!!!! You'd think that I had to find a river and then pound this crap against a rock or something. But ALL I HAVE TO DO IS PUT IT IN A PERFECTLY CAPABLE PIECE OF MACHINERY AND TURN IT ON!!!!!

I swear this is why I will not be accepted into any decent assisted living facility.


  1. But think - there would be SOMEONE to do the laundry in such a facility, yes? hmm...

  2. Doing laundry is the pits. Not my favourite thing in the world at all. I have been known to put a load on and then sit down to do some stitching. When the automatic beeper alarm goes off to say the load is finished it is not uncommon for it to be going off for hours while I just do "one more" stitch.

  3. I would like to just throw mine away and start fresh each week with new underwear, except that would cut into my stitching stash buying. I once read that Ivana Trump, when she was married to the Donald, had literally hundreds of bras and threw them away at an astounding rate. Now me, I'm not in favor of bras so much. But brand new panties every day? And you have my complete respect for fitting into your 18 yr old sweats; I doubt, if mine were still around, that I could even get them over my feet, much less pull them past my hips.

  4. There are things we like to do. There are things we have to do. Rarely are they the same things.

    I'll come by and do all your laundry if you will clean a bathroom. That's what I hate.

  5. hmmmmm, let me see, what kind of a syndrome could this be ?

  6. I hate taking laundry out of the machine, the same way I hate emptying the dishwasher - we don't know we're born though, as our Mothers and Grannies keep telling us.

  7. I think I liked doing the laundry better when I had a clothesline and could hang the clothes up to dry outside. Is that weird?

    Homeowners' association prevents me from doing this now.

  8. Just as a suggestion, www.flylady.net has a good way of avoiding Mt. Washmore.
    (Not to say that I follow everything she says, even though I would be happier if I did.)

  9. OK, something is obviously wrong with me. I like doing laundry because I love the smell of clean clothes. Call me crazy ... you won't be the first to do so. I'm with Kathryn ... I'll trade laundry services for a bathroom cleaner.

  10. LOL : ) Before I was married, I post-poned laundry as long as possible. Now, I do laundry every day -- none of us have enough clothing to last a week : )

    Happy Valentine's Day !!!

    Both the boyz are working & DH isn't feeling well (cold) -- Maybe I'll just listen to my audio book & stitch all day. Sweet.

  11. If it were left up to me, well, it's a scary thought! I hate laundry.
    Before DH and I married I lived in an apartment right across the street from the laundromat. The owner was 'Wolf' and owned a motorcylce - he scared the crap out of me. Thank god DH came along....otherwise I'd look and smell like a homeless person. I kept my mouth shut (like a good wife) and somehow never took the job back!!
    Love dishes, go figure.