Jan 28, 2009


So there I was, sitting the endodontist's chair having my very first (and hopefully last) root canal, when it struck me.....

I was fretting over the seemingly spontaneous multiplication of my stitchy stash and wondering if maybe, just maybe, there's a whole lotta' partying going on up there in that studio. You know what I mean....one chart invites another chart over for a drink and the next thing you know there's a new litter of little charts added to the basket?

Rabbits, I tell ya'! Rabbits!

So I've decided that my stash needs BIRTH CONTROL!

(Gasp....eye-popping sounds of horror...sudden intake of breath because you can't believe I just said that out loud.)

This little thought would have been just fine if I would have kept it to myself, but sadly, I did not. I started to giggle, which made the doc think I was having some kind of convulsion, which made him stop doing whatever the hell he was doing and yell in my ear: MISS RICH! ARE YOU OK!? MISS RICH! CAN YOU HEAR ME OK?

So I did what any normal person would do....I pretended that I just needed some air, apologized profusely, cleared my throat, and got on with it. (He didn't need to know that I was sitting there thinking about STITCHING, after all. I mean, how much of a geek can one person BE in public before somebody notices?)

Two extra-strength Tylenol and I'm off to the sleigh bed. I feel pretty good now, but methinks I'm going to have one hell of a headache when this Novocaine wears off!


  1. Oh my goodness, that is hiliarious. When you find out the type of birth control, let me know. My stash is in serious need of it.

  2. Once the nerve is out you really shouldn't have too much pain...just soreness from keeping that rubber dam thing in your mouth.
    Feel better!

  3. I was caught by my bipolar therapist thinking about stitchy things. I was debating whether I should go to Michaels and get DMC 500 for a project as I thought I might run out. And he said that I looked awfully serious and what was I thinking about? Oh just wondering whether I need thread for Lonely mountain. Luckily he knows I am a geek already.

  4. Please never stop writing - it is a daily joy for me reading your prose !

  5. I'm facing some tooth extractions next week (wisdom teeth are not so wise afterall). I only hope I can keep thinking about my stitching through it all, like you! You're my hero!

  6. You never cease to make me laugh! I'm off to the dentist this morning to hear if I need a RC as well :(

  7. Oh my Coni, I've never had a root canal, but I know from my friend having one it ain't good...sweet dreams and no headaches :(

  8. Coni --

    BRAVO! This looks fantastic and I'm so jealous.

    Thanks to the move I did the big purge thins over the summer and kinda, sorta have things arranged, but not so nicely.

    Not having any kind of place where I can sell things, I gave a bunch of canvases away and sent the rest to Stitch in Peace.

    Keep Stitching,

  9. Stash birth control ... hmmm. Maybe a stashtity belt?