Jan 2, 2009


So here it is, January 2nd, and I am still stuck in October of 2008. I had hopes. Lots of them, actually. I was going to create a holiday season so spectacular that Ms. Martha Stewart Her Very Self would call me on the telephone to beg for hints as to how I managed to pull it all off. I would bake and decorate and stitch and clean and organize and solve world peace and make lovely gifts and send perfect cards and do random acts of kindness all over the damn place.

Alas, it was not to be.

I didn't have a holiday season this year. Now I know that fact will shock and awe you, but brace yourselves. I spent Christmas alone, wearing eighteen year old sweatpants and eating a bag of stale Cheetos. There was also a warm diet Coke involved (caffeine free, even). New Year's was slightly more festive: three sips of champagne and then a blinding sinus migrane that will let up eventually. Probably in mid-June. I am hopeful.

Not celebrating this year wasn't a negative thing....it just was. November and December were here before I knew it, and then I found myself sitting in the Happy Chair on December 28th wondering what the hell all the fuss was about (religious meaning and the deeper connections to God and the universe aside, of course). In my 42 years on the planet I never dreamed that forgetting to have the Holidays would be so....well...um...easy. It was easy, I tell ya', and if it weren't for the massive guilt I'd consider forgetting to have Christmas every year.

And then a magic thing happened. I checked emails and glanced at my blog and I was blown back in my chair by the lovely wishes that were coming my way from all over the world. And then there were gifts! A package from Ms. Laura J. Perin! A package from Ms. Mary Smith! A package from Ms. Vonna Pfeiffer! I boo-hooed with the opening of each and was so touched that stitchy sisters would remember me in their holiday wishes. I am, as always, simply gobsmacked by the kindness of "strangers". (Formal thank you note are forthcoming, I promise).

So now I'm knee deep into 2009 and am determined to ENGAGE. I wish I could tell you what this will involve, but I'm pretty sure that there will be treadmilling. And lots of things written in books. And attention-paying to important stuff (like health and money and the state of the union, etc.). I would imagine that there will be broccoli. And a few non-fiction books. And fiber. Lots of things that will make me a much better person and the world a much better place.

As for stitching...which is, after all, the reason why we're here....I'm afraid that I haven't one damn clue as to what I want and/or need to accomplish this year. I've traveled up to the studio twice now to get a clue, but nothing came of either trip. The third time will be the charm. I just feel it in my bones.

So allow me to say that I do indeed hope that you have nothing but wonderful things in this new year. I do indeed hope that you are happy and healthy and well, and that you manage to stay warm and safe and dry all of the time. I hope your cupboards are full, your family is thriving, and your life is exactly what you wish it to be. I hope that you never know sadness or despair and that magic happens for you daily. I also hope that your needles and threads and linens and things make you feel perfectly perfect in every way and that the love of the stitchy universe will fill you with joy.

So pass the Cheetos and let's get on with it, shall we?


  1. Welcome back, Coni! Sometimes a quiet and reflective "holiday" season is for the best. Hope you're back next year with a vengeance and a glue gun so you can show Ms. Stewart how it's done!!!
    All the best in 2009 --

  2. Howdy Coni! And what a touching post you have here :o)
    Isn't just little tokens of affection and good will toward all people what the season should be all about? Regardless if your wearing 18 year old sweatpants or not :o) I loved reading about your Christmas time and I sure can't wait to read all your fabulous adventures in life and stitching during 2009. HUGS!

  3. Happy New Year! Last year I took until February 2 to announce my stitching goals. And I reached them. So don't rush. :)

  4. Gobsmacked??? Are you related to the children's author Rolad Dahl? That sounds just like something the BFG would have said! Happy New Year, I love reading your blog.

  5. How sadly wistful yet perfectly Coni-amusing all at the same time. What a wonderful post.

    There's nothing to feel guilty about.. celebrating Christmas isn't about all of the pomp and circumstance. It just is. And I think the way you chose to celebrate sounds just fine. I wish I could have had a bit more of that myself. =)

    Happy New Year!

  6. Wanna get away? Next time you are having a solitary holiday, and are tired of the lousy weather there, pack up the d.o.g. and come try some of WV's lousy weather!

  7. Hi Coni,

    Welcome back! I was starting to get worried...

    There are no needlepoint police and there are no Holiday police. If you wanted a quiet and reflective Christmas that's great! At least now you can start stitching when you want instead of having to take everything down. Just tell Stewey that you might go over the top for St. Patrick's day! :-)

    Don't worry about the stitching goals. Just let your muse take you where it will. :-)

    By the way, this year on New Year's eve we had 40+ mph winds. Not fun!!! My DD and I started to go shopping and then decided we were better off at home! The boys went to a Holiday party without us. They celebrated New Year's at GMT time (8:00pm)!

    Windy Meadow

  8. There is no blog like your own... so please allow me to selfishly ask you to post everyday because I love to read from you so much that it was too hard for me to wait until you remember you have fans dying for news from you all over the world and in France in particular...
    Well even if my english is poor I would like to wish you a year 2009 full of anything you like whatever it is.
    The same for Stewey of course.
    All the best.

  9. Happy new year to you and Stewey

  10. Hi Coni! I'm new to this and my first comment went astray (??), so am trying again (if it doubles, please forgive me) - -
    Wishing you, Stewey, your family and friends a very safe and happy 2009! Love your blog (I came in late but have read it word for word from start to current - not only do you make me laugh, you also have very good words of wisdom.......)!

  11. Coni glad to see your post. I was worring about you. I am hoping that your third trip to the stitching room something stitchy jumped into your hands. Happy New Year to you and Stewey!

  12. everyday is a holiday with you and stewey

  13. Welcome back, indeed!!
    Why don't you truck over to The Needle Nest and pick up Ice Cream Cone from Jan. It is a wonderful canvas that you can change to your favorite flavors - and remember "Blessed are those who are ample of body -for they shall be known as the fat people

  14. Oh Miss Coni, your fans worry when you are not posting! Glad to see you back. I think wearing comfy sweatpants and having quiet time with Stewie beats spending hours in the kitchen making Christmas dinner. Plus you can stitch all you want without appearing callous toward family and friends. I hope your New Year provides you with just what you need, whatever that may be!

  15. A++++ post!!!!!!!! Love every word!

  16. Not to repeat everyone's concern, but I too was wondering if you and
    Stewy were all right. So glad to see it was just a funk (btw, some of us never celebrate Christmas, but that's another deal).

    Good to have you back...you need to write often to keep the rest of us on an even keel!

    NYC (currently being a pat-time Hoosier)

  17. Dear Coni, I loved reading your post. Christmas seems to come and go whether we are eating cheetos in our sweatpants, or in our finest duds.... I do agree that this Christmas arrived unusually quick and vanished just as fast.

    Your blog is such a pleasure to read; you always bring a smile or laugh. Thanks for doing it.

    Best wishes to you for a wonderful new year.


  18. Coni, so glad that you are back! I missed hearing from you. Wishing you joy for the New Year and lots of stitching, too!

  19. I'm so happy that Anna van Schurman mentioned you on her blog. I can't tell you how much I've enjoyed reading your blog over the holidays. Your writing is insanely funny and good. Thank you!!

    Happy New Year, Coni!

  20. Hey Coni, I live away away away in little old New Zealand and I too was worried about you. I even thought Stewey was sick. I look forward to hearing more of you in 2009 and of being sore from laughing at the same time as I am inspired. By the way what's happened to Miss Lily Frog???

  21. What a fabulous idea...on the LJP piece. Isn't she just the bee's knees!?