Jan 7, 2009


Two whole days on a rotation and I'm getting sassy. I finished the "Coop" block, but decided that the chickens looked better without eyeballs after all. I'm also a little concerned about their relative size as compared to the person feeding them and the actual coop, but I suppose that it is the result of depth perspective or something else fancy like that.

I started the "Hive" block but didn't make very good progress. I am still watching "The West Wing" and was so teary during several of the episodes that I decided to just put the needle down. I am a boo-hooing mess and can't believe that I would allow a TeeVee show to cause me so much angst. Oh well, we'll chalk it up to hormones and get on with it.

So today's goal is to finish the "Hive" block and maybe get started on the "Cottage" one too. At the rate I'm going I might actually get an extra free day this week! (I know, I have to stop calling it a "free day" since it implies that the other days are work. And we all know that stitching is NOT supposed to be work, don't we?)

Anywhoose.....don't get to impressed with me and my spanky new rotation. I am already itchin' to dump it and go start every un-started project in my studio. I just keep reminding myself of the joy and bliss of a Happy Dance, so I'll see if I can plug along for another week or two.

Could somebody please send the sun over to South Bend/Mishawaka? We seem to have lost it and I don't think Stewey can take much more of the gloomy greys.


  1. Same cloud problem down south (Evansville, that is) Plus we have snow flurries today. A great day to finish (yes I used the "F" word) my grandson's birth sampler.

    Edy (usually in NYC, but doing our temporary Hoosier thing)

  2. I'll trade you the doom and gloom for the ice storm that we had up here in Michigan. Wanna swap?

    Your piece is looking adorable.. but you're right.. what DO they put in that chicken feed? ;) (teasing.. I think they look fine)

  3. We could use some sunshine here in my neck of Ohio.

    Great progress on the BC.

  4. My part of MD is grey also. You're moving right along on that piece. It looks great!

  5. trade you a week of no sun for two days of freezing rain!

  6. Hi Coni,
    I wanted to tell you I enjoy your writing and sense of humor. I am 42, single in Milwaukee, WI. But I don't have a little dog. I resist the word spinster that really would make me feel old. LOL