Jan 8, 2009


Gee, I was so proud of myself that I used the "FIX" button on the photo file, but now that I see it, I suppose I should learn how to actually use it. Why can't I take a decent photograph? Why? Oh well, that's why the camera came with an instruction book. Now I just have to remember where I put the damn thing and we'll be cookin' with gas. (Oh, in addition to finding the instruction book I guess I have to READ said instruction book, but that's just picking nits.)

One more block to finish and I can start dancing. I am tickled that this was my first "draw" for the rotation, since I will be able to have a finish this first week of the new year. Woo Hoo! In case you're wondering, Stewey and I make quite a production of the weekly rotation draw. There is the parading of the magic wooden box, the ceremonial shaking of the magic wooden box, a few Stewey sniffs, and then....TA DA! the selection of the week's project. I usually wear my tiara and we have special music and everything. Once the selection is made, we retire to the garden for tea and scones.

I was looking back through my 2008 journal and figured out that I finished a total of 28 projects:

The Drawn Thread: Spot of Winter
Laura J. Perin: Nordic Snowflakes
Dog Mom painted canvas
Lizzy Kate: January
Laura J. Perin: Yankee Pride
La D Da: Bushel and a Peck *
Nancy's Needle: Jeweled Garden
Little House Needleworks: Faith
Laura J. Perin: Flamingos in Flight
Little House Needleworks: Nature's Beauty
Little House Needleworks: Cottage Garden
Folk Art Sewing Roll
La D Da: Wool and Flax
Crewel World: Birthday Wish
Laura J. Perin: Blackwork Mystery
Country Cottage Needleworks: Joyful Summer
Icelandic Motif (free chart from the web)
Little House Needleworks: Garden Pleasures
Laura J. Perin: Falling Leaves
Laura J. Perin: Equilibrium
Little House Needleworks: Reading
Artists' Collection: Halloween scissor case
Painted Pony Designs: Autumn Sampler
Maggie and Co.: Johansen Floral
DebBee's Designs: Diamond Delights III
Laura J. Perin: Grandma's Flower Garden
Laura J. Perin: Jewel Box (in Christmas colors)
Prairie Schooler: By the Chimney
Lizzy Kate: Ho Ho Ho

This is not a very impressive list by some standards, but I'm happy with it. I like the fact that I have cross stitch, canvas work, painted canvas work, and crewel on it. (I'm such a needlework tart.....I do it all). Some of the projects were more fun than others. Some will be sent off for finishing or framing, and some will languish in the FUPPY box for a while longer. All in all, not a bad year's worth of therapy, I would say.

* Oh! I almost forgot! I always loved the saying on La D Da's "Bushel and a Peck" and I loved the way the piece turned out. Well, as many of you know, I spent the last few months of 2008 with Truman Capote. So there I was....reading a collection of his letters, when I found one to his publisher in which he claims authorship of this phrase! Pretty cool huh?

Somebody better call UPS...the package of sunshine I ordered seems to be missing in transit. I'm going to quit my bitching, though, since I see how terrible other areas are doing at the moment. Please stay warm and safe and dry, and if you need a place to crash for a bit, the guest room is ready!


  1. That is a pretty impressive list of finishes for the year! I don't know what mine is, but my guess would be something like five. Five SMALL projects. Aaahhh but it's the process I love, right?

  2. That's a great list of finishes, congratulations Coni.

    You're really motoring with Spring Snapperland, your needles must be smokin'

  3. What a great bunch of finishes...glad you are back and posting...I was missing my daily dose of the Spinster and Stewey!!

  4. You are an inspiration! Congrats on the finishes.
    Love the ceremony around the weekly rotation draw! Tiara's really make any event special, don't they?

  5. I think the UPS guy must have gotten lost in a snow drift around here somewhere. I'm sick of all this snow already!

    Nice progress on your rotation piece!

  6. Fabulous list of finishes! I'm outrageously jealous (she said as she sits at the computer instead of stitching ...)

  7. Remarkable list of completed projects! I've kept my count of finishes down to the number of fingers I have; you have clearly enlisted your toes with your 2008 count. Congratulations! I see Stewey got a new toy from Santa? Oh, where's the "FIX" button? :)

  8. Coe on down south (EVV). we have had at least two days(including today) of sunshine whereby I can stitch without the Ott light.
    Oh, I forgot...we have no highways here in Indiana!

  9. Okay, I don't know what circles you run in that 28 finishes isn't a LOT!!!!

  10. NOT IMPRESSIVE....NOT IMPRESSIVE!!! If I completed only half as many as you did I would be dancing in the streets with the music from Rocky playing in the background, and me holding up my needle in one hand and thread in the other! You rock! (I'm not sure what that means other then it's a good thing) I bow in your presence....