Dec 12, 2008


Brace yourselves. I know. The sheer complexity of the stitching is dazzling, isn't it? My God, but that was the longest six hours of my life.

I suppose the good news is that now that the bloody boxes are done I can enjoy filling them in with the Twelve Days. The bad news is that I'm about ready to hit myself in the head with a rock. Repeatedly.

Methinks I need to rummage around in the Christmas Stitchy Basket this afternoon. Yawn.


  1. Dear Miss Coni, Thank you for your inspiring blog postings. I always save yours for last, when catching up on my google reader. You always make me smile, or chuckle.

    Looking forward to seeing your progress on your twelve days piece.

    Hi to Stewey!

  2. You're doing the Prairie Schooler 12 Days...have the pattern...want to do's on my list....I'm checking it coming year! Whew!
    Yours is looking GREAT! Don't hit yourself with a rock :o)

  3. At least you have progress. I am working on a Prairie Schooler, too. I actually could have finished the design twice with all the times I have had to rip stuff out. I guess I am not paying enough attention. I am sure this will turn out beautiful as does all of your stitching.

  4. Hey Stewey - tell your mommy that I just LOVE her (YOUR!!) blog! :)
    (and her stitching too1) :)

  5. cracking up
    i always save you for last on the google reader too
    and you get totally enlarged
    not just the little google look

    color is cool for your flames,stocking and mantle
    or maybe santa stirred up a lot of soot