Nov 2, 2008


It all started innocently enough....I awoke to a crisp Fall morning full of anticipation. After coffee and the paper I channelled my inner Ina and made a delicious roasted vegetable soup:

"Chrissy will love this", I thought as I lovingly peeled and chopped and roasted and stirred. "This will be a wonderful healthy soup we can have with sandwiches after the boys are done Trick or Treating." So I stirred and tasted and tasted and stirred and decided that it needed just a little kick for a nice robust finish. (More on this later).

At 4 o'clock on the dot Stewey and I arrived at Aunt Chrissy's with our Halloween costumes in tow and Mommie's camera at the ready. There was some tizzy-fitting going on in the car seat as we drove the 7/10 of a mile to Aunt Chrissy's, and I quickly determined what the problem was.

Stewey had decided that his lady bug costume was just too blah for his liking, so he decide to embellish it a little bit:I have absolutely nothing to say about this other than the fact that I've grounded him from Target and taken his credit card away.

Bosco, of course, was a good boy and decided that his pirate costume that HIS Mommy picked out ROCKED!:

You'll notice that he didn't feel it necessary to do anything other than put his little costume on and go see his buddy Mr. Joe next door.

We had six and a half minutes of pictures and then a lot of bitching and complaining and then we had two pouty, sweaty dogs who felt that the standard treats for the day just sucked. I suppose that we should have thought this one through a little better, but methinks Aunt Chrissy and I were too busy peeing ourselves watching Stewey in his wig.

Back to Chez Spinster for a lovely dinner of soup and sandwiches (see above). Sadly for Aunt Chrissy, the little kick that I decided to add threw her right into a full-blown heartburn attack and she was miserable for the rest of the night. OK. So. Who knew that six full tablespoons of hot Hungarian paprika was just a little TOO much kick?

Up to the studio we went for Craft Night Gone Awry! I had studied a rather cute project on the Martha show earlier in the week and methinks we actually pulled it off this time! The secret was the $10 jar of Martha glitter. Yup. $10. But this woman knows her glitter, let me tell you. It's powder fine and gorgeous (as far as glitter is concerned), and we'll be picking it off our faces for three weeks. Here are the results of our labor:

Aunt Chrissy's pumpkin is on the left. Isn't it just the cutest? The black things are glittered spiders and she twisted wire to make the stems. The thing on the right is supposed to be a pumpkin carousel. See the little witches flying around in the center? There is supposed to be black moss in the base of it, but it's still out in the garage "drying" and infesting everything I own with paint fumes. The thing in the center is just a little goofy thing that resulted in me needing something to stick the stuff into to wait for it to dry....cute, eh?

When we finished up for the night we both wondered if we would look at these things in the light of day and be totally embarrassed that two grown-ass women did them and not some sugared-up bunch of kindergartners. looking at the pics, methinks we'll just tell people that we bought these from a grade school craft sale and be done with it.

I finished my DebBee's Diamond Delights III tonight while watching "All the President's Men" on TCM. I had never seen this movie before (don't know why exactly), but I was riveted! I suppose that it helps that Chrissy and I took advantage of early voting here in Hoosierville today and we went to cast our votes. So here I sit, feeling all patriotic-like. Oh, sorry. Forgot the pic of the finished piece:

Man 'o manachevitz, but I wish I could take a decent photograph. This things is GORGEOUS, if I do say so myself. In the center of each of the little boxes in the background are pretty autumnal beads. Then, the center has a beaded "X" that I managed to kinda' knot in the middle. If you are looking for a FUN! and autumn-y project to do, this one rocked.

Whew! Sorry for the length of the post tonight, kids. Hope y'all had a splendid weekend! I'm off to the flannel sheets with a warm puppy. And, no. The wig is not allowed.


  1. What a hoot. Loved the photos of the kids. You soup looked good too.

  2. I like the glitter stuff, and I'm sure you'll be happy with it in the future as well. I once painted a bunch of recycled cans red, white and blue and stuck metallic pipecleaners in them. (Fireworks) I thought the same thing (children did this), but I was bored. My mother and aunt still put theirs out every 4th of July. It astounds me.

    Your finish looks beautiful!

  3. I think Stewey is "channeling" his inner Olivia Newton-John. Why be a bug when you can be a Diva! He is too cute, even in drag! Bosco is just so cute. Always love hearing about the adventures of Bosco and Stewey. :) Your Diamond Delights III is just awesome. Love the beads.

  4. The costumes were delightful. Your soup looked yummy. Your stitching was beautiful. Keep posting, I love your blog.

  5. Hi Coni,

    "Diamond Delights III" is just gorgeous!!! Congratulations!

    LOL over the Halloween adventures!

    My daughter and I liked the large black chandelier that was part of Martha's collection this year. That is until we realized that we would have to glitter the whole thing! Since I really, really, don't like working with glitter, it stayed at the store... :-)

    Windy Meadow

  6. Diamond Delights is gorgeous, congratulations.

    The boys all looked very cute

  7. I thought Stewey would like these ideas for next year -

    They are a hoot as are you!!


  8. Why just be a ladybug when you can be a lady ladybug? Stewey got it right! :) Bosco is very cute, too!

    Love your finish. What are your plans for displaying it?

  9. Diamond Delights looks great and the two men are beautifully dressed for the occasion.
    Stewey looks very dashing with his new blonde extensions... I wonder if he has a pink frilly dress at the back of his closet. I think he could get away with the look :)

  10. Diamonds Delights is delightful - well done.

    Love the little men in their Halloween outfits - Stewey looks too cute as a blond - a young Marilyn Monroe!

  11. This is why rubber stampers have a stamp that says "Yes, I know I have glitter on my face" so they can make a button to wear to accompany the glitter.

    Diamond Delights is beautifully elegant. And I was watching All the President's Men, too, even though I've seen it several times.

  12. Wow, it's beautiful - congrats on a great finish! The dogs are so cute too! :)