Sep 22, 2008


I seem to be craving all things orange lately, and it's carrying over into my stitching.
This is the first project that I started on Saturday afternoon. I love love love the's 32ct. Firethorn. Unfortunately, I must have been half-asleep when I pulled the thread, since you can see that it's just not right for this. At all. So I'll frog this eventually and come to my senses and try try try again.
Yesterday I picked up "Indian Summer" from LJP. The center block called for Rainbow Gallery's "Fyre Works" in copper. I've never used it before, but must confess that I was very pleasantly surprised. It was lovely to work with and I love the effect. Hmmmm. Methinks I'm adding metallics to my repertoire!

One of my loyal readers asked what I do with all of my finished projects. Well, um, er.....the truth is that I haven't a clue. I frame some of them. Others I've had made into pillows. I even had a cute little Santa canvas made into a stand-up. But the majority of what I stitch sits in a box labeled "NEEDS TO BE FINISHED". I've never actually given my stitching as a gift since I'm still a rather insecure/shy stitcher, and I suppose that I just love the process of it rather than the end result. Hm. Now you've got me thinking about what to do with all of this stuff.....


  1. I just love your LJP start! I want to try stitching one of her designs soon.... but I have so many other things in line waiting!

  2. You've made a great start on your new LJP piece.

  3. Beautiful projects Coni! I love the orange - very Autumny! :)

  4. I love your blog, I love your work!
    I understand your dilemma about being shy of your stitching, don't be it's wonderful!!!
    Sometimes people don't appreciate the love and devotion to what you do. Homemade has such a terrible stigma attached. Other stitchers understand what you do!
    If and when you get over your shyness,consider other stitchers as recipients of your work!

  5. Love the orange. Your Indian Summer is going to be beautiful.