Aug 6, 2008

WHAT THE......

Sorry, kids, but I woke up on the wrong side of the web this morning. As Chrissy will attest, I am NOT my usually chipper self. I know it's a medication thing, but Geeze Louise, I could kick a kitten through an electric fan.

OK, now before you call the authorities, you should know that I could NEVER hurt a kitten or any other living creature, but at the moment the thought of it brings me a little comfort for some whak-a-do reason. Let it go, I beg you.

I suppose if I were, in fact, Holly GoLightly I would say that I have a case of "the mean reds". But since I'm neither Holly nor GoLightly, we'll just chalk this up to Mercury being in retrograde or something that sounds all scientific-like and move on.

So what did I do to snap my self out of it, you ask? Did I settle into the Happy Chair with a cup of tea (THANKS! by the way for all of the excellent info on that), or snuggle the dog, or stitch something wonderful?

Nope. I went up into the studio and decided to do an inventory of all of my open projects. Now why in the holy hell I decided to do this is completely beyond me, since all it did was convince me that I should probably check into a facility sooner rather than later. FORTY-EIGHT open projects. FORTY-EIGHT.

The worst part of it is that they all sat there and mocked me. Yup. Every single solitary one of them. "Remember me? I'm the painted canvas you just HAD to HAVE. You put three stitches in me and now I sit here all abandoned." Or "How about me? I'm the bargello project that you saw in a magazine and you spent three days trying to find the perfect shade of blue and then you got me 7/8 of the way done and then you got bored." And on and on it went.

Chrissy came for dinner and talked me off the ledge a bit, and then I stomped my way back downstairs with a few small cross stitch pieces to put next to the Happy Chair in the event that they decide to stitch themselves finished in the middle of the night tonight.

Methinks I will pop "You've Got Mail" into the player-thingie and just forget about life for awhile.As God is my witness, there's NOTHING that a little Meg and Tom can't fix.

Don't cry for me Argentina, I promise that this is indeed a very temporary state of mind and that I'll be back to my crazy-ass perky little self toot sweet!

So from my Happy Chair to yours...I send you love and best stitches!


  1. You put a smile on my face each time I visit, and I've been needing that lately! Hugs to you!

  2. o m g, I really lol'd on this post. Those poor kittens! Dont listen to the projects, Im sure they love getting new friends and miss each other when they get completed, finished and possibly sent off to places unknown - never to see each other again! *sniff

  3. Coni: WHATEVER POSSESSED YOU TO COUNT ALL YOUR UNFINISHED PROJECTS?!?! ("You're a braver stitcher than I, Gunga Din")...I quake at the idea of counting my UFOs! To protect my sanity, my mind immediately skitters away from the thought. Better to grab something - anything - and start stitching all the while repeating the mantra, "I'll get them all finished eventually, I'll get them all finished eventually..."
    (Besides, don't you know - when you're feeling down or grumpy or any other emotion you can name - you're SUPPOSED TO START a new's that new-project adrenline kick that gives you a reason to get out of bed in the morning and keep stitching....)
    In Stitches & Grinning at Your Terrific Blog, LAURA

  4. Good to see you getting some time on the computer Stewey... you need to remind your servant who is boss every now and then. And my how your typing has improved - guess you are doing your paw exercises.

  5. As you’ve already realized and partially dealt with the fact that you have 48 open projects, I have a suggestion. Make two piles – in one pile put the ones that you love to work on and in the other, the projects that you don’t feel like dealing with.

    Next go to the pile that you don’t want to deal with, and sort them by most finished to least finished, with the most finished project at the very top of the heap. Now take the pile of stuff you love to stitch and put them in order of most loved to least loved. Got it?

    Now…… make a master pile… at the top of the pile, most finished project, then most loved project, then second most finished project, then second most loved project… do you see where I’m going here?

    So you start with most finished project and work on it until its finished or you can’t stand the sight of it anymore…. Then reward yourself by moving onto most loved project and continue rotating through the stack. So, you’re setting yourself up to have a potential finish by starting with most finished project, then you get to reward yourself by working on something more fun.

    As extra fun, you could pick two (wouldn’t wanna go over 50) new projects you want to start. You could start those, but only as a reward for finishing something else.

    Put all of this near your chair, lock the studio, and give Chrissy or Stewey the key with strict instructions that they are not to let you back in unless you need extra supplies for something you’re working on…. You could even have *them* go in and get it for you for extra safety.

    That’s what I would do, but keep in mind that I am a goal-oriented over achiever who starts to feel unstable with too many (like over 3) unfinished projects at a given time.

  6. We will make sure that no kitties cross your path. EEK! Never count your unfinished projects or your "to do" pile that will definitely make you go over the edge. Only you could make a bad mood fun to read about. Thanks for the giggle. Hope you are to your happy self soon. (((HUGS)))

  7. Okay, Paula Dean, you have got to watch The Shop Around the Corner which is the real you've got mail. It's so sweet: Jimmy Stewart and Margaret Sullavan. Sigh.

  8. Oh my poor frustrated sister. Just keep repeating to yourself that you are an amazing stitcher and that everything you do is a masterpiece to be adored by all!

    Like I said, all those 'open' projects will get done and any that you know you just don't feel like working on and know that you won't work on them for awhile, well put them aside out of sight and 'fa-get abowt temb'.

    Love you :-)

  9. hides her kittens

    When I've got my own version of the "mean reds" going on, I threaten to bbq the cats.

    They ignore me.

    I think I'll threaten them with the fan next time.

    When I moved in April I discovered a large box of ufo's that I had packed during my last move four years ago. Dozens of half-finished afghans, a tea cozy, dish cloths, pot holders, quilt blocks, some lacy thing I still can't remember what or why... I just re-sealed the box and stuck it in the closet. If I can't see it, I don't feel guilty.

    God have mercy on whomever cleans up after me when I'm dead.

  10. Hoping your day improves and that tomorrow dawns with a happy smile on your face

  11. Yikes, 48 projects going. You need to get stitching, sister ;)

  12. I just want to thank you for chuckle I get from reading your lifes trials and tribulations. It reminds me that we all go through rough patches and if we just hang in there eventually we come through them, maybe a bit torn and tattered, but we all make it through. Thanks for the reminder :)

  13. Must be something in the water, it's a grumpy week for stitchers, lol! Ignore those voices, start a NEW project, lol, and enjoy your weekend. Why else would we have all this stash if not to start new projects often???

  14. How embarrassing - I thought Stewey had written this posting (as I mentioned earlier) cos my poor overheated brain thought YOU were Chrissy.
    I´m blaming the heat (its been about 37DegC here in Spain) for frazzling my brain and common-sense! Though I´m sure Stewey can type ´cos he´s a smart looking doggie. Maybe he has his own blog somewhere?
    Even though I feel so stooopid, I will be back ´cos you both make me laugh!
    ((Creeping back into a cool dark space now...))

  15. Hey Coni,

    Wow. 48 WIPs!!! That's quite
    an impressive number. Then
    again, so what?? It's all about
    the fun, remember?? Life's too
    short to sweat about such things.
    Just have a good time, enjoy
    your tea and keep stitching on

    I love seeing your work on those
    counted canvas projects. Such
    pretty designs, and such rich,
    gorgeous colours. Very cool!

    Stewey sets a good example.
    Look at him surrounded by all
    his treasures. That's what
    it's like for us in our
    stitching rooms, or libraries
    as the case may be.

    It's a rainy, cool day here so
    perfect weather to be indoors
    blogging and stitching and
    reading. My favourite things
    in the world. And two cats
    piled on a blanket next to my
    elbow for company. Should go
    put the kettle on.


  16. OK, so I just did a marathon reading of your last 16 posts and I laughed, I cried, and I laughed again!! The adventures of Stewey and Aunt Pooh are at least more hilarious in blog form than most of the things I could have been watching while stitching!!! Keep up the funny-ness...good luck on those projects.