Aug 10, 2008


Dear China: Y'all sure know how to throw a party! If your goal was to showcase your country and get people like me to want to travel there... mission accomplished.

Dear London: I, for one, would not be at all offended if you decided to just say "Sod it" and not have Opening Ceremonies in 2012. I mean, how the heck do you top Friday night? Maybe we could all just come for tea?

Dear Ralph Lauren: Love your stuff usually, but did you HAVE to dress the US Olympic team up to look like United Airlines flight attendants?

Dear United Airlines: Thanks for loaning us your outfits.

Dear Mariel Zagunis: Well, look at you girlfriend! Thank you for winning the gold and showing Jimmy Clausen that he's not the only athlete at Notre Dame.

Dear Coach Weis: Please put a picture of Mariel Zagunis on Jimmy Clausen's locker and explain to him what REAL athletic accomplishment is all about. Oh, and that taking a gold in the "Beer Olympics" isn't funny. At all.

Oey....what a hangover! Chrissy and I watched every single solitary moment of the Opening Ceremonies and were awed. Just when we thought were done saying "Wow, that was just freakin' nuts", we did it again. And again.

I'm not sure what the heck the fascination is for us to watch the games, but we sure are enjoying them. As is evidenced by the picture below, I re-arranged the living room a bit to accommodate a comfy chair for Chrissy and her stitching. We managed to stitch until almost 2am last night/this morning and we're ready to go again!
"Patchwork of Peace" is coming along nicely, but I must confess to feeling a little frustrated with the book. When I stitch a Laura J. Perin design, I feel like Ms. Laura is right there with me saying "OK, now this next part is going to be really fun, but a little hard. So let me show you how I did it and I'll be right here if you need help." This book leaves me feeling a little bit "You're on your own, kid", so I'm muddling through the best I can. I guess that's why it's a "teaching piece", right? Here's the first six blocks completed. (Out of a total of 247. Geeze, Louise, why did I pick such a HUGE project?)

Finally, I'll leave you with a pic of Stewey:He demanded his tea and toast on the patio this morning and now he's lounging on his little pillow in the sunshine. The little pillow next to him is actually supposed to be in his "apartment", but he dragged it out last night so that his little cousin Bosco could have a place to nap too.
This is my nephew puppy tot, Bosco. (He is Stewey's actual cousin....Stewey's Dad Angus and Bosco's Mom Twiggy are brother and sister):Isn't he just the cutest? Bosco and I have a very special bond. Sometimes I go over to Chrissy's house just to visit with him. His personality is hilarious, and he is really a little boy trapped in the body of a Jack Russell. If Stewey is Nathan Lane, Bosco is definitely Joe Pesci.

I'm off to the Happy Chair for more Olympics and stitching! I hope you're having a splendid weekend!


  1. Love your Olympic Post. The US uniforms did leave something to be desired, but were miles better than our Canadian ones. They looked like 1950s flight attendants in bad hats. Hopefully that was the first and last time the HBC designs their suits.

  2. Howdy Bosco, nice to meet you.

    Have fun girls and enjoy!

  3. Hi Coni,

    Love your Olympic post. It's
    hilarious!! I've not watched
    much of anything from the
    Olympics I'm afraid since sports
    bores me to tears. But I've
    heard that the opening ceramonies
    were spectacular.

    Your newest project has HOW many
    blocks??? Yea Gads!!! Better
    you then me. It'll be gorgeous
    though. Hope the book doesn't
    put you off the project. That
    would be a shame.

    Hmmm... Stewie = Nathan Lane
    Bosco = Joe Pesci .... the
    mind boggles!!!


  4. I'd been up since 2:30 on Friday morning, so I was too exhausted to watch too much of the Opening Ceremony. I managed to turn it on just in time to see the US team march into the stadium.

    I didn't have a problem with their uniforms - they looked great compared to the outfits that the women from Hungary were wearing, if that's any consolation?

  5. I have also been watching as much of the Olympics and stitching as I can. Next time I plan on taking my vacation during the Olympics so I can stay home and stitch during the day also.

  6. Looks like Stewy found a great little napping spot. Bosco sure is a cutie. Sorry to say I didn't watch the opening ceremonies way too long for me. Have been trying to keep up with the events.

  7. lol I kinda did wonder when they were going to point out the exit rows in the stadium.

    Don't you hate it when you can hear the designer talking in your head?

  8. Great post! With your comment about Stewie...things make sense much better, lol. Now Im waiting for Bosco stories!

  9. Enjoyed your post on the olympics. I have been enjoying your blog since I learned about it. I just started a blog. I was also at the La-d-da day in July. Have you finished your piece? Looking foward to seeing your progress on your "olympic piece".

  10. I have skipped the Olympics until now--now I'm going to have to tune in, thanks to you!

  11. Hi Coni!

    I just found your blog and I love it! Your projects are amazing! I'm getting ready to start canvas work for the first after cross stitching for 20 years, do you have any hints or tips for me?? Thanks in advance!!

    Nicole :)

  12. Hi,

    I absolutely LOVE your blog! It is hilarious & love the way you put things into words!

    Keep up the good work!

    Dawn in NC

  13. I just found your blog... I am sorry to be commenting so long after you posted, but I just wanted to say that you are a very fortunate woman to have a sibling that you are so close to. Hearing about you two sitting together stitching and watching the Olympics brought tears to my eyes and made me ache for my brother who died too young, at 31. We were so close... we often stitched together, his roses thick on the canes, wafted their delightful scent to us as we stitched on the veranda near the rose garden. His stitches were perfect front and back, which made me cringe when I looked at mine. My excuse I guess is that I had "help" from two active sons who were always distracting me with their adventures, bloody noses, spills... anyway I miss him profoundly, even after almost 20 years. I am so happy that you have a sister that you can settle in with, stitching, chatting and challenging each other to persevere and do your best. Cherish every moment you have with her, it is a gift from God. Peace and happy stitching! Elle