Aug 27, 2008


So I was sitting there minding my own business when this utterly profound thought hit me smack dab between the eyes. I have replaced the Sex and the City girls and my obsession with watching every single solitary thing that happens in their lives with....wait for know what I'm going to say, but you can't quite believe I'm going to.......YOU!

That's right. I now anxiously read about the comings and goings of the stitchy bloggy community as compulsively as I once watched Carrie buy shoes and Miranda have babies and Samantha entertain "gentlemen callers". I am like some kind of soap opera nut that just cannot function properly until I get my daily fix of being Gladys Kravitz and seeing what the heck is going on in your lives!

What are you stitching? What are you watching? What stash did you buy? How's the family and the pets and the car and the job? Did you have that conversation with that neighbor yet? Will you make tacos or salmon for dinner? When are you going on vacation? What will you take to stitch?

Oh. My. God.

When I was a kid, we would take walks around the block after dinner, and my favorite thing to do was peek into all the neighbor's front windows and see what they were up to and how they lived their lives. I confess to trying that here in this neighborhood, but since I'm the Neighborhood Watch Person In Charge of All Things Necessary To Pay Attention To, it isn't quite the same. Besides, my neighbors all close their drapes at night. Bastards.

So when you get that creepy feeling like somebody's watching you as you blog your way through Blogland.....don't panic. It's me. I'm actually a very friendly voyeur and won't cause any problems. I promise. Just keep me fed with all of the wonderful details of your lives and your stitching and your hopes and dreams and fears and aspirations and I'll be fine.

As for me, I got too wrapped up in some damn thing on the TeeVee tonight to make any stitchy progress, so I'll share pics tomorrow. Gotta' go now. Stewey has just thrown himself on the floor in a full-blown temper tantrum over the Doozie ball, and if I don't go un-wedge it from under the couch he won't speak to me for the rest of the evening.

So, thank you Stitchy Blogland for the endless hours of inspiration and entertainment! You've really made a difference in this poor little Spinster's life! Woo Hoo!


  1. This so true. My husband doesn't understand my stitching (not opposed to it, just doesn't understand it). And he doesn't understand my blog. But the way I see it, my blog is just a part of a long, braided narrative that includes all the stitching blogs that I read and even those I don't read who get referenced by the blogs I do read. And YOU are definitely part of that City!

    Everyone wants to know what Stewie is up to and what beautiful technique you are going to take up next. Those of us who cross stitch and needlepoint enjoy seeing some of each. So keep it up and know that there are commenters and lurkers who feel that your story is even more fascinating than their own.

  2. Hands up all those who dont do this, i think it keeps us all sane!!!!

  3. ROFL

    Oh my.

    As the Capitol Steps would say, "Somebody's yatching wou."

  4. I'm right there with ya...isn't it fun to see "how the other half lives"???

  5. Ha ha ha!! I like looking in windows at night as well, and thinking about how other people live. My DH thinks this is strange, but I hesitate to validate it by telling him my "little internet friends" do it too (he thinks my blogging is strange too).

    I love when people post pictures of their houses, and I guess that's why I love shows like House Hunters as well.

  6. OMG and I are so alike...I go walking at 5 a.m.....and I absolutely LOVE to look in neighbor's do they decorate, what are they doing, what color are their walls painted, how is the rooms arranged...I could go on...I will not...And it sounds like I walk right up to their window and peek - I'm not a Peeping Tom - I'm just a furtive glancer from the street...well no, I'm the gawking, mouth hanging open, OBSERVER from the street....yes! That's me :)

  7. I can't believe nobody warned you about this!!

  8. Hi Coni,


    I start feeling deprived if I don't check the blogs that I read at least once a day and this included when I was on vacation! :-)

    Love the commentary and you are welcome to come visit my blog anytime! I won't promise that it's as funny as yours but I do try to keep it interesting!!! :-)

    Windy Meadow

  9. You are such a hoot! I have become an avid xstitch blog reader, and love reading about everyone's updates on their lives, and stitching....

  10. I'm right with you. I love to read everyone's blogs to see what is going on.