Aug 21, 2008


I have not one, but TWO finishes to share! The first is a free chart from and is called "Icelandic Motif". I did this on gorgeous tobacco linen and used Waterlilies in Burnt Toast. This was one of the official 48 open WIP's and took me about a half-hour to complete. Humph.
Tonight's finish is "Garden Pleasures" by LHN. I flaked out at the end and decided to put my initials on the bottom instead of the words, but I'm not sure if it looks quite right. I'm going to fish through my button stash to see if I can find some bees for the upper left.

Woo Hoo! I'm not trying to get all of these things finished, but I sure am glad that I am! Stewey is dazzled and amazed at the amount of stitchy production that's coming out of the Happy Chair. He is, though, fretting about the looming box of finished/unfinished items that are stacking up in the "fuppy" box. Fuppy....I just love that. I saw it on a blog the other day and thought it was just the cute-ty-est.

We're off to the v-e-t tomorrow. Poor little guy has been having bouts of projectile up-chucking and he's awfully itchy. Methinks his allergies are starting to kick in and he'll probably have to get back on some medicine. He's also due for his annual physical, so I'm probably looking at about a thousand dollar bill to get out of there alive. Good thing Mommie was smart enough to buy puppy insurance!

OH! I'm sorry that I forgot to talk about my "necessary" today, but I promise that I'll get to it soon. Nighty night!


  1. Hey you have the same initials as me except mine are JCR - although I am known by my second Christian name not my first so hence CR!

    Lovely finishes.

  2. Cute finishes! Well wishes to Stewey.

  3. Great finishes, especially Garden Pleasures and fingers crossed for poor Stewey tomorrow.

  4. Hi Coni,

    Congratulations on your finishes! Wahoo!!!

    Windy Meadow

  5. Congratulations on the finishes! I'm doing some disco pointy finger moves in your honor!

    Poor Stewey! Hope it goes well at the vet.

  6. $1K for an annual vet visit and allergy check-up? Good gosh, I do hope you're exaggerating a bit! If not, then that vet is sheer genius and should be able to retire at a very early age.

    We pay right around $100 for our little dog's annual visit, and that includes shots, heartworm test, fecal test, and the overall check-up. My parents' vet, on the other hand, would charge between $250 and $300 for the exact same services. Yeesh.

  7. lovely finishes!!! Yeah, the bee button sounds like a plan -- I have a thing for bee buttons tho. V-e-t? Poor Stewey. I have a cat & a dog who need to go ... they have to stand in line after the back-to-school madness spending.

  8. Get well soon, Stewey.

    Your pal,


    p.s. Mommies love it when you up-chuck on their beds ;-)

  9. Hi Coni,

    Nice finishes. Worth a gold
    medal as far as this judge is

    Garden Pleasures is a wonderful
    design and the colours in it are

    Hope Stewey is back to feeling
    better soon. Sorry to hear
    that he's got allergies. What
    is he allergic to??