Jul 14, 2008


I would bet that you're all just dying to see my latest stitchy progress pics, right? Well, I'm afraid that we must interrupt this regularly scheduled program for an important message from our sponsors.

It looks like a pretty peaceful scene....a living room in the Midwest. Letterman on the tube, stitchy things next to the big comfy chair, and the cute little dog asleep on his perch. Domestic bliss? I think not.

Exhibit A:

And then there's this:

After closer inspection, a certain"attitude" was detected. When confronted, the suspect acted as though he couldn't be bothered to answer the questions put forth:

So I proceeded to stomp about cleaning up after Little Lord Fauntleroy and told him that if he didn't shape up soon I would be looking into military academies for the fall. We seem to be having difficulty lately, and I can only assume that it's the alignment of the planets. My sweet little pup is slowly turning into a moody-ass teenager and I'm not equipped to deal with it. We've been through acne and dating dilemmas, but now methinks he's all torked-off because I refuse to let him drive and get his own apartment. Damn dog.

Nope....you're not seeing things. That really is my nine-pound bundle of joy sticking his tongue out at me. I swear I heard him say "Military academy? I've got you're military academy right here."

I've almost finished the class project and I will post pics as soon as it is completed. It is supposed to be finished into a long pin keep, but I am going to make mine into a frame weight for needlepoint. (See? Always thinkin'.) Amazing what comes to me as I lather, rinse, and repeat.


  1. Hi Coni,

    Sounds like he's just being a typical teenager and having hormonal problems! :-)

    Now if he holds up one of his front legs and says "Talk to the Paw" or says "OMG" you are in big trouble! ROFLOL!!!

    Windy Meadow
    Where we have two wonderful teenagers, or at least most of the time!!!

  2. I'd send Spike over to give the little dude a dog-to-dog chat but he's passed out in a sugar coma from an ice cream treat.

  3. Oh no...it looks like Stewie is about to get is marching orders! H is sticking is tongue out at you. To cute...i know, I know not funny when he's doing it to you.

    Your living room is beautiful by the way. You've done a get job decorating it. I esp love the picture over the fire place.

  4. Too funny! I can totally relate.

    My Buddy Lee loves to sleep on the up on the top of the couch, too! I also have a picture of him sticking his tongue out at me. lol

  5. Gracious me, Stewey! What's gotten into you? A 'B' on your report card and now this?

    Looking forward to the pics of your class project!

  6. LOL i was half expecting that pic to salute me!!!!

  7. Too funny - thank you for the laugh! :-) I must say that Stewey *always* seems so cute and reasonable to me - a sure sign (as is always the case with teenagers) that *I* don't live with him...... rofl. Hang on in there as I daresay he will pass through this phase one day, grow up and have teenagers of his own - then he'll know what you went through...... :-)

    Jackie x

  8. That is too funny. Sounds like most teenagers I know.

  9. Stewie is so funny, teenagers oh the angst of it all he'll be hitting the bottle next and leaning out the bathroom window for a ciggie before you know it.
    BTW Love you lounge it looks so comfy and elegant too, any more pics of your home?

  10. Hi Coni,
    Maybe Stewie is hanging out with the wrong crowd. You should probably check out his friends. You know when teenagers get into that rebellious stage and think "they know everything".

    Love all the pics. Keep us up to date with you WIP, you do great work.

    Thanks for stopping by to visit my blog. I will definitely be putting this one on my blog list.