Jul 17, 2008


Well, I have not quite finished the class project, but I decided to post a pic anyway. This is "Wool and Flax" from La-D-Da. In addition to the gorgeous linen and silk, we made pretty beaded pins and received some perfect cording for finishing. I'm still leaning toward a frame weight for this one.

A frame weight (thanks for asking) is usually a heavy "pillow" that you can use when needlepointing. If you're doing stitches that require two hands and you don't want to use a formal stand, you can lay the canvas (in its stretcher bars) on a table and weight it at the top with a frame weight. Then your hands are free for laying, etc. I've always wanted one and have tried a few times to make one, but methinks this design will be just perfect! I suppose, come to think of it, that you could use it for cross stitching too if you needed two hands for something like a french knot...woo hoo!

(Edited to add: I just looked at the pic and realized that my "with willing hands" is totally in the wrong damn place! Frogging to ensue....)

So I am in the studio futzing about today. I found myself "should-ing" all over the place last night and I decided to put a stop to that immediately. So today is about play. Nothing else. Just futzing and playing and letting my brain look and love the stuff around me and take a mental breath.

This is a canvas from my stash called "Bohemian Paisley". The designer is Birds of a Feather. I've pulled lots of Flair, Splendor, Silk and Ivory, and perle cotton for this one. I tend to get really "matchy" when it comes to canvases and have a propensity for trying to use all the same stuff all the time. This is me trying to flex my creative wings a bit. I had let this canvas intimidate the heck outta' me in terms of stitches to use, but I am feeling pretty calm about it now and think I will just.....play.

Another Birds of a Feather canvas called "Yellow Vase with Flowers". This one is much smaller in size, yet more complex in terms of shading and colors. I haven't pulled threads for it yet, but this one is screaming "silk" to me. I have some gorgeous Waterlillies that might be pretty cool, and I do have a ton of Splendor that might work. Again, the stitch choices boggle my mind, but I am firmly commited to just getting a needle loaded and seeing what happens.

On the cross stitch front is a kit from La-D-Da called "Daisy Daisy". Sorry for the terrible pic. This is an exclusive available from Lori and is simply smashing in real life. Her email address is: lorimarkovic@hotmail.com if you'd like more info.

So no "SHOULDS" for me today. I have declared the Spinster Stitcher Stitchy Studio a "SHOULD FREE ZONE" and I intend to keep it that way.

Have yourselves a wonderful day! Ciao and thanks for coming!


  1. Your class project looks nice, i'm looking forward to seeing the finished 'frame weight'

  2. Hey there, I am glad you are enjoying yourself in the studio today, you deserve it! Wish I could be there......

  3. Sorry you have to frog your lovely stitching. Your pasiley canvas is pretty, can't wait to see what you do with it.

  4. Your "Bohemian Paisley" is amazing. I'll have to search out Birds of a Feather!

  5. Hi Coni,

    Thanks for sharing the La D Da design. Very pretty. Ummmm will it matter if you are off on where you placed the "willing hands" or can you call this an enhancement/customization of the piece? ;-)

    The Birds of a Feather canvases are just gorgeous! I'm voting that you work on the "Bohemian Paisley" canvas first. I'm also seeing beads on this one. Lot's of fun threads, beads, and stitches. :-)

    The "Yellow Vase with Flowers" will also be a fun stitch. I'm also seeing this one stitched in silks, possibly over-dyed. I'd focus on the flowers first and would probably stitch those in long and short varying the thread colors. How about an open stitch for the background and let some of that gorgeous painting come through? You could also look at beads for the splotches of color on the background.

    Both of these will be lot's of fun and I'm looking forward to seeing how you decide to stitch each of these canvases!

    Windy Meadow

  6. Great WIPs. looking forward to seeing your frame weight.

  7. Aha LOL I should read further down ;-)

  8. Oh my goodness, what stunning stitching you're busy with!! Thank you for providing Lori's email for inquiries regarding "Daisy, Daisy". :D

  9. Love that La D Da class piece! It's gorgeous!! Can you send me a pic of what the design looks like finished?