Jun 9, 2008


My first important order of business is a big fat teary THANK YOU for the wonderfully warm welcome to BlogVille and the accompanying lovely comments. I think Stewey and I will be very happy here.

Last night's stitchy pic is of a little progress on CCN "Garden Girl". Methinks I am going to do some pretty little beads or french knots on the insides of the flowers instead of a single stitch. I'm all about the fancy, don't you know.

I've added a pic of Stewey to the right. It's my favorite of him, since it captures him laughing his little fool head off. It was taken a few years ago so that I could adequately document his "special feature" for all of my friends and family that doubted my tales of his overbite. Yup....all we need to do is slap some black horned-rimmed glasses on him and he would be the Nutty Professor.

Today is Spinster Stitcher Stitchy Rotation drawing! Drumroll, please.....

It's "Folk Art Sewing Roll"! Ahhh, an oldie but goodie that has just a wee bit left to finish. I happily supply the current state of affairs:

The finish-finishing, of course, will be placed in the hands of capable professionals. I'm not allowed to attempt sewing, glue-gunning, or creative crafting in any way, shape, or form this month. I am only allowed one "Craft Night Gone Awry" each quarter, and I'm all done until July. (This little tidbit comes to you from the files of the Mishawaka Police and Fire Departments, respectively.)

Thanks again for your comments!


  1. Oh it's gonna be pretty all finished up...and your so close!
    Garden Girl is looking great too ;)
    You've had some visits ;)

  2. What wonderful stitching projects! I followed the link over from Vonna's blog - welcome to blogland!!

  3. We've got to hear the story of how the PD and FD have limited your crafting!

  4. Hi there! I found your blog thru The Twisted Stitcher's blog.
    I hope you don't mind if I check back in now & then.
    Your craft studio is wicked awesome as we say here in sweaty Massachusetts.
    Welcome to the Stitch-y Blog-o-sphere!

  5. Welcome to blogging! I saw the link on Vonna's blog, and have bookmarked your blog. I am looking forward to checking back often :)

  6. Welcome to blogland! Your crafts studio is incredible, yay for you and sis!

    I've added you to my blogroll...

  7. Hey Coni - I came here from Daffycat's page and have enjoyed looking at your posts... especially your stitching room!

    I just recently joined the blogging world too and I live in Elkhart... right down the toll road from you. We should get together sometime!

  8. Coni...I love your blog! I found it through a mention on Vonna's blog. I must say I am truly envious of your stitching room...if only i could be half as organized as you are! And Stewey is precious! I look forward to visiting often.

  9. Hi there, welcome to blogland from a fellow Hoosier. I jumped over from Vonna's blog--come and join me on my blog. Have you been to House of Stitches? Its the greatest. Very impressed with your over organized stitching palace--mine is quite a bit smaller but I like your taste.

  10. Hiya Coni! Welcome to blogland! I found you via the fabulous Vonna.

    Your Garden Girls is coming along nicely.

    Stewey is a cutie! I have a Jack Russell TERROR, too. His name is Buddy Lee and he is a little over 10 months old. JRT's are great, aren't they? :)

  11. Hi! Welcome to Blogsville. I love your blog. Very entertaining. My do you have some lovely stitching photos posted. Look forward to seeing more updates from you.

  12. Welcome to blogsville! Always nice to find another stitcher :-)

  13. Welcome to the Blogosphere Coni! Stewey is adorable and I enjoyed looking at your stitching!

  14. I followed the link over from 'Daffycats' as she raved about your stitching room, i can see why now.

    Welcome to blogville Coni, you are working on some lovely projects.

    Looking forward to stopping by often to see what you are up to!

  15. Welcome to Stitchyville! Love the projects! Sue from Livnlaf sent me to you.

  16. Note: I'm gathering up my floss, loading the car and coming on up to move in with you and live in your craft room.

  17. Your stitching is wonderful but I think I fell in love with Stewey. Yup, I'm sure it was love at first sight. How to explain this to my two kitties?? LOL

    I'm not a blogger but I sure do appreciate all you that are so I'm adding my welcome to all the rest.