Mar 22, 2024


Is it just me, or have I been phoning it in recently?

Goodness gracious...everything is just so very...difficult...lately. My oomph seems to have gone missing, and I feel like I'm treading through jello under water.

Or something like that.

Stitching here at CS2 has been a very slow grind, but with cheery colors and pretty bling to keep me delighted. My fob was a gift from Siggy's Closet, and matches the thread pallet of this piece, so my itch for matchy-matchy was scratched perfectly!

This is Daisy Chain from Carolyn Manning Designs. I'm stitching it on Peony 28ct Lugana from Colour & Cotton and all of the charted DMC threads.

Today is dark, blustery, and cold, and Rich is over on campus all day, so I am tucked under a magic blanket with a big cup of damn good and lots of determination to stitch the day away while listening to podcasts. I recently discovered one called "Currently Reading", and I'm enjoying it immensely!

Speaking of reading...thanks to Stitchy Guild Sister Gail's excellent recommendation, I am making my way through the Tom Hanks novel. I'm really enjoying it!

Time for a refill! Is it cold where you are?

You can't see them in my craptastic photo, but there are snowflakes flying and herds of them gathering on the rooftops across the way. Hello, end of March!

Well, Dearies. I hope that you are well and that your skirts are a'twirlin with everything that makes you happy! Come tell me everything new with you!



  1. Here in Toronto, it was so snowy that some of the major roads were snow covered. I know, because I had errands to accomplish so was driving on them. Luckily, I still have snow tires on the car and its ABS brakes grabbed the road even before it started sliding. 🚗
    Susan Anonymouse

    1. Our son and d-i-l in Toronto had that same problem. She had to make trips to her clinic.

  2. Denver and the mountains had quite a bit of snow in places a week ago. The 50s and 60s several days this we. Now more snow coming Monday. Yup it's early spring here. Debby in CO

  3. We have snow and are expecting more today. I totally agree with your comment about things being difficult. I need sun and warmth to heal my body and mind.

  4. Your CM piece is looking good, Coni. No snow here, but it is raining to beat the band as my Gram would say. Going for lunch and stitching with the Winchester gals today. Can't wait! Enjoy your weekend, my friend.

  5. These "downers" happen -- they may go away suddenly or slowly, but they go away!

  6. I can relate to your feelings and wading thru jello is a perfect description. I'm old, I have fibromyalgia and my husband, who used to be my caregiver, is ill and I'm having to take care of him. I hit that wall of fatigue daily and fight my way thru. I often think of the saying, "We don't know how strong we can be until we have no other choice." Plunge on thru the jello, and reading is a great way to get thru bad weather days, both inside and out. We have about 10" of snow still, but we got about 15" over the last week and weekend.

  7. Thank you for being a consistent source of inspiration and motivation. Stay updated with the latest news and updates about the Aviator game on our blog.

  8. Love the description of wading through jello. Its the ugh of February and March where we feel like einter will never end! I can’t seem to inspire myself to do much of anything during these gray days other than the necessary chores. As doon as the sun comes out im planting seeds in my window and cleaning up my sewing area where all the Christmas excess was dumped. Its been overwhelming so when the mood strikes me i go into the dungeon and tackle it for an hour two at the most before im called for something someone needs. I tell myself every small dent helps. I can almost see the floor and looking forward to working on all the projects I stockpiled on Pinterest!!! Lol!

  9. I listen to a lot of literary podcasts on my commute to work. Another good podcast to try is Sarah's Book Shelves Live. Happy Easter, Coni!

  10. Happy Easter! I hope all is well with you.

  11. How are you doing with the Tom Hanks novel? I bailed after a couple of chapters - it never clicked with me. Life's too short for unexciting books and bad coffee 😜 - Sally