Nov 11, 2023


Today was Hoosier Heartland...our local chapter of the American Needlepoint Guild...and the program was learning how to create a plaid. We started by learning how to do a symmetrical/Chottie's plaid, and I have to tell you...this is addictive!

As soon as I got the makeup off and pajamas on when I got home, I started playing with threads and am going to see what I can come up with while watching tonight's hockey game.

It was a beautiful Saturday, Dearies! Great stitchy time, great lunch with my Guild ladies, and now some great TeeVee time with my Irish! 

How was your day?  Come tell me all about it!



  1. Creating a plaid looks like fun. Keep posting progress pictures. How did you choose your colors?

    M in NC

  2. Learned that at guild many years ago and haven't played with it since. You've inspired me to go hunting for at least the instructions. Thank you. Debby in CO

  3. That looks like fun, Coni! I attended the first annual Stitchers Thanksgiving gathering at Southern Stitchers Co shop on Saturday. It was a lot of fun -- stitching, chatting, browsing/shopping and seeing what was being worked on.

  4. Ooh, that looks like fun!

    Not much going on here. Laundry sploshing, kitchen cleaning, & I might try my hand at homemade potstickers later.