Nov 22, 2023



I'm not at Guild tonight, and after stomping around in a little snit about it, I decided to put myself in time out with the Wizard and some stitching. I. Just. Don't. Feel. Good. And I'm mad about it. I know that we'll get to the bottom of it eventually, and my entire BellyBean team and Dr Campbell are ON IT, but I'm just a bit bummed.

Enough of that.

Today is the official feasting prep day, so as soon as my damn good has been slurped, I will head into the kitchen and get everything ready for tomorrow. Our menu? All of the usuals...turkey, mashed potatoes and gravy, Rich's Italian stuffing (*), cornbread stuffing, green bean casserole, corn casserole, sweet potatoes, rolls, pumpkin pie, apple pie, and cranberry sauce.


That sounds like a lot, but it is, after all, Thanksgiving!

Blessings and peace and love and health to all! 

(*) Rich's Italian stuffing is basically meatball mixture...ground beef, breadcrumbs, egg, salt, pepper, garlic, parsley, and sharp provolone...stuffed and roasted inside the turkey. 


  1. Take heart, Coni. I think everyone thinks a transplant is a miracle cure and you will feel wonderful forevermore. Doesn’t work like that. Your body and your new bean are a miracle that needs constant care. You will definitely have ups and downs. I am thinking about you and your donor today and am grateful. You have a great attitude.

  2. Hope you are feeling a bit better! Rest, relax, and repeat!

  3. Happy Thanksgiving coni and rich. Everyone has off days coni. Just take it easy. Who's doing all the cooking? That's a lotta food. Enjoy it all, each other and the day.

  4. Hang in there ! You always bring a smile to my face 😊. Thank you and Happy Thanksgiving!

  5. A most blessed Thanksgiving to you and Rich. Good health, joy
    peace and love in abundance join that marvelous dinner and bring
    you both contentment and happiness, so deserved.

  6. You have added so much to my life, and I am truly grateful for that. Everyday is a new day but you cannot let the fear get to you...You are in God's hands as are we all...Lately a lot of us seem to have forgotten that and our focus is wonky, but hold on tight to your yourself, Rich and God!