Sep 4, 2023


Many astute observers figured out that I pulled the Glendon Place Pretty Pumpkins out of the WiP basket to see about those leaves. When last we met this piece, we were pondering whether to call it finished and add it to the Fuppy box, but I got a hankering for it over the weekend and decided to play.

Here's where I left it last year (or maybe even the year before...I'm not sure):

After three days, this is what it looks like with one leaf added:
Here's what it would look like with all of the leaves filled in:

I think I might set it aside for a minute until I can decide what to do. 

In the meantime, out comes Hoity Toity for some action:

It's been a lovely, quiet, healthy, stitchy long weekend here in Hoosierville, Dearies. The temperatures have climbed into the 90's again, but I'm not going to complain while I'm sitting here in the comforts of an air conditioned CS2.

I hope that you are off and running into a wonderful week ahead! Do you have something fun in your future? Come tell me all about it!


  1. I did do the leaves with my Pretty Pumpkins and love the way they look. I think you will, too. Debby in CO

  2. I think it will look much better with the leaves. Hope you finish it that way.

  3. Not that you asked...IMHO it looks sort of unbalanced with as is. It's so close to done (especially as fast as you stitch), I'd forge ahead and complete it as designed.

  4. Good to see Hoity Toity again! Since you added that leaf on the Pumpkin piece, you should stitch the rest as it looks somewhat unbalanced. Staying inside because it is hot and steamy here in my part of Virginia.

  5. So pretty, I hope you add the extra leaves

  6. I am new to your blogspot and I am going to be bold and give you my Pumpkin opinion. Here goes: You did it now... Peeked our interest with a new fancy leaf...Now we want the full treatment of leaved. Consider e it your own doing since you stitch so lovely!

  7. Please share what you decided on the Pumpkin Leaves. And will you frame it or perhaps turn it into a standing bag for treats?