Aug 24, 2023



I snapped the pic and posted it, and at the exact moment I was thinking "Gee, I really like what I'm doing with the colors here", I spotted a mistake.


The center of the little quilt block should be Fuchsia...not green.

(That'll teach me to get too big for my stitchy britches.)

Oh,'s just beastly out there in Hoosierville at the moment, and I find myself sitting here in the cool confines of CS2 forever grateful that I am not having to be out in it. I honestly don't know what I would do if I had to be an actual person sometimes.

We are supposed to meet friends for dinner, though, so I guess I'll need to prepare myself to lumber from apartment to car to restaurant and back again, but I promise to be careful, hydrate appropriately, and make a good healthy choice from the menu.

Take care of yourself today, do something wonderful, and come tell me all about it!


  1. You know what? No one will know it’s the wrong color unless you tell them. It looks lovely the way it is!

  2. I agree with Susan. It's beautiful just the way it is.

  3. I think your piece looks awesome and I wouldn't change the wrong color. Make it yours, Coni! How was dinner out? Hope you had a good time.

  4. I dunno. Since you took the fushia out of the central wreath, there's no fushia for the central flower to bounce off of. I wouldn't bother myself. Long as you're happy with how it looks, stick with what you've done.

  5. "Frogging" is overrated especially when your mistake looks really good!!