May 24, 2023


** Sorry to alarm. By "new belly and new scar" I meant since transplant. I have not swung a golf club since then, and everything seems to be in different places.

I golfed, I stitched, and I ate well. 

Bliss on any day.

Don't get too excited, Dearies. I only made it through four holes before I had to take a two hole break. My poor body didn't know what to do with itself between the new belly, the new scar, the new everything. I was super careful, though, so hopefully my flexibility and stamina will increase as the season progresses.

(And, no...that's not me in the photo. That's JB getting ready to tee off.)

We made it home in time for a lovely cool shower, a really great cashew chicken salad from Culvers, and a bit of stitching while watching the Phillies lose.

Today is a true Futzingday for Yours Truly. I am in desperate need of a big tidy-up of my stitchy things, and I wouldn't mind getting a few loads of laundry sploshed before dinner. Tonight will be grilled salmon and asparagus with a bit of rice, accompanied by lots and lots of lemon water.

Nothing wrong with that plan.

A very Happy Futzingday to one and all! I hope you have as much time as you need to futz to your heart's content! 


  1. did i miss something? new belly? new scar? did they have to slice you open again?

  2. Glad you took it easy on the golfing, Coni!