Nov 20, 2022


I thought I was climbing out of it yesterday, but today? Not so much. I am just sickety sick sick and now in possession of a big bag of provisions from the CVS to get me through...Mucinex, shower vapor thingies, cough drops, and a neti pot. I have this stuff called Alcolol that my beloved Dr Niklinska used to swear by. It's basically a mixture of oils like clove and menthol, etc that you dilute with warm water and then bathe your sinuses with. I used to use it faithfully in the shower every morning (as did Aunt Chrissy) and we managed to dodge the cold and flu for years. I got out of the habit when I moved here to CS2, so methinks it's time to start doing it again.

So I'm tucked into my chair with about three blankets and lots of tissues. In a little bit, I'll head back to bed for a nice long snoozy nap.

Last night was lovely. My Irish played their football in a blizzard, and I got to watch them from here, nice and cozy with my magic candles and crackpot Spinster fireplace and some stitching. I even made a lovely roast and veg in the crock pot, so we had a hot dinner and watched the snow fly.

 I hope your weekend is lovely, Dearies. If you were in the path of anything, I pray you are warm and safe and dry. I think I heard that Orchard Park, New York got seventy-seven inches of the white stuff! 

Do something fun and come tell me all about it. I'll be right here...blowing my nose and drinking my damn good!


  1. Alkolol is the BEST! Although they changed the formula at some point. It's a little weaker now. I've been using it since 1993 whenever I get colds and sinusey things. When I have a cold, I use it diluting. It cuts the mucous immediately and it just drains out. Not waiting for a decongestant pill to take effect. Instant feel better.

  2. Those shower vapor things are so great. I have chronic sinus problems and use them several times a week, especially during allergy season.


  3. I hope you get well soon. At least you are nice and cosy toasty inside while the weather is yuk outside.
    Here the weather is still yuk monsoon style. I was thinking we'd pay for having a summer and boy is the rain charging interest!
    Keep warm, Kerry xx

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