Oct 18, 2022


(At this point in my life, I think doing so would be both easier and cheaper than what I'm doing now. Besides...I could also actually speak with authority when I diagnose and treat people with mysterious ailments on TeeVee shows, rather than just spout my predictions to Rich and then have them verified by the end of the hour).

Mary Elizabeth (in real life, Dr Campbell) has no clue what's going on with me, but she suspects a sinus infection run amok. I'm happy to oblige her labwork and prescriptions for antiobiotics, but I also suggested she run a T3, T4, and TSH just in case it's my Synthroid levels acting up. I also agreed to take the Augmentin as long as she could assure me it wasn't nephrotoxic.

(Betty, before you admonish me for calling my physician by her first name, let me point out that a) she's young enough to be my daughter, b) she's a St Mary's girl, and thus like a little sister to me, and c) she asked me to.)

(And...in case you also think I sound like an ass for being so obnoxious about all things medical, may I remind you that I am a thyroid cancer survivor, Crohn's patient, and kidney transplant recipient? This ain't my first time at the rodeo, Betty, and I have always taken the management of my health quite seriously and prefer to work in partnership with my health care providers rather than stumble about like a sheep.)

So there.

I'm home and out of the raw, windy, miserably grey day we're having, and have decided to spend the next few hours back in the big girl sleigh bed with the newspapers and lots of fluids. If the sun decides to peek out, I might actually try a little walk to the trash bins and back, since my activity level has been so low that I've lost all stamina and need to get moving again.

In the meantime, I hope you are well and enjoying a blissful Tuesday! Come tell me all about it!


  1. I tried to go for a walk yesterday, but the wind was much too strong to walk against, so I came back inside after 10 minutes. However, I got off the elevator 2 floors early and used the stairs, walking from one end to the other in between. My Fitbit liked that.

    Will try another walk today.

  2. Good for you! You know yourself and your medical history better than anyone. I think it's a very good idea to be an active and informed participant in your healthcare!

  3. Grave's disease here, so I know how much the thyroid levels can affect you - and how often you need to remind them to run all the levels, not just TSH. Hope you are feeling better soon!

  4. Hypothyroid here. Just had levels tested and they are off. Waiting on new script.

  5. Here is a thought to contemplate- the thyroid produces 5 or 6 different hormones. Synthroid replaces ONE. Armour & Naturethroid replace ALL of them.
    Perhaps it's time to just take a look at different medications, & how they might serve you better

    1. Unfortunately, my kidney transplant limits what I can and cannot take. 😐

  6. I have a very wonky thyroid & my doc keeps an eye on it. I was a transcriptionist for 15 years, ran two dept for 10. There's a saying about medical transcriptionists...we're almost doctor's. Now I'm a medical librarian ( I prefer 'information goddess') and makes me familiar with medical terms and the like. High five Coni!

  7. While I think med school might be extreme at this point, I applaud you learning all you can about the conditions your body has you dealing with. Informed conversations with your doctor should be the goal for everyone. Debby in CO

  8. Good for you, Coni! I hope you get some answers from your tests soon. In the meantime, take care.

  9. hope you feel better soon

  10. My Md ran a reverse T3, and low and behold my body wasn't converting the synthroid to a usable form. I've been on Armour ever since. Hope you feel better soon.

  11. I hope that you get everything resolved soon and feel better!

    As for calling your doctor by their first name, I have a few that I do that with as well. Of course, they also call me by my name. It says quite a bit about your relationship with the doctor in question.

  12. Coni, I hope you are beginning to feel better. Thinking of you!