Aug 11, 2022



The minute Rich leaves for the golfing course, I am going to dive face-first into this stack of papers and my beloved Baked Alaska. I did have a very productive day yesterday, and stitched a bit while watching the Phillies, but it feels like forever since I've turned off the TeeVee, TURNED OFF THIS HERE IPAD THINGIE, and just enjoyed some peace and quiet.

I'm seriously considering grounding myself from all social medias for the duration of August, since I find myself losing hours and hours scrolling through pictures of stitching and stitchy posts, and then entirely too many ads for old lady bras and new information about the Kardashians.

So, please don't be alarmed if the only place you find me is here, Dearies. I'm goin' old school for a minute.

That's it for a Thursday from a sunny and lovely Hoosierville. I hope this finds you well and safe and happy. Cone tell me all about it!


  1. I may join you off the social media
    also the YouTube and floss tubes I need to be doing not watching
    I'm glad you'll still be here

  2. Agree - I now pop on with my breakfast, after dinner coffee and a bit in the evening while HRH is watching his programmes. There's too much info to learn on Ytube and before you know it you are down a rabbit hole of learning but not putting any of it into practice. Daytime is chores anyway. Rationing is the key and closing the media first is the best way to go. Enjoy real life for a while - the freedom is wonderful. All the best xxx

  3. Good plan. I usually run videos while I'm stitching or knitting. But it's important to shut them all off regularly too. You are so close to finishing Baked Alaska. Can't wait to see it.

  4. Gee, you get better ads than I do! I get ads for drugs for diseases I don't have!

  5. Going old school is sometimes a good thing, Coni! Thanks for the chuckle about old lady bras. Happy Saturday!

  6. Thursday I got the onions & grass roots dug up and divided and moved the rhubarb. Yesterday I stuffed the remaining rhubarb bits in a big pot to see if they survive.
    Nothing wrong with going old school for a while. I never did get into social media (besides blogs and a few forums), or following what famous-for-being-famous people do. Reading blogs and forums related to sewing takes quite enough (too much sometimes!) time as it is.

  7. I'm in too. I need to stitch more and text/email less. See you in September. Off to our camp in PA, so no TV, and limited WiFi.
    Everyone take care of yourself and each other!!!