Jun 21, 2022


I started my day with a cool shower and the newspaper, and am now suffering through a cold brew and my Irish playing poorly against Texas A&M.

I think it's time to pick up needle and thread and lose myself in something different, because my mood will surely not be helped by the impending loss and elimination from this silly tournament.

My Bean Team warned me that my temperature tolerances would change drastically, and considering my aversion to warm weather before transplant, we've now gone from bad to ridiculous. I stepped outside for two minutes to water the balcony plants and was completely knocked flat by the heat out there today. 

(Yes, Betty, I thank God several times a day and night for central air and shelter and lots of ice-cold water to drink.)

(My privilege does not go unappreciated, I promise.)

(For any newbies in the audience, Betty is the name that I have assigned to the person or persons who write to me on the regular to point out my every flaw, berate me for being a miserable jerk, and tell me to just talk about stitching and nothing else...not my dead dog, my dead parents, my stupid love life, or my hypochondria.)

(I'm fairly certain that Betty is actually a nine year old boy who has been grounded since 2008 and who simply does not appreciate my particular brand of humor.)

But I regress...

So today has been a lot about nothing, but very restful and quiet. Rich has started ramping up with worry over tomorrow, so every now and then I have to remember to pat him gently and reassure him all will be well. He has a very real, very large anxiety issue when it comes to all things medical, so despite the fact that he had this very procedure done just two weeks ago...he is still completely wigged and will need to just tire himself out before tomorrow.

Thanks for your lovely comments, Dearies. I breathe them in like oxygen!

Stay cool and safe and hydrated, do something fun, and come tell me all about it!


  1. Lifting prayers for Rich's surgery on Wed! Today I swept the front porch in hopes we can sit out there tomorrow. I love hearing the details of your life as well as the details of your stitching! This is your space, so you get to decide what is shared here!

  2. I'm sure all will be well, & Betty can go pound sand

  3. Rich - You've been there, already done that and came out a hero.
    This should be a piece of Bovella Rum Canoli cream cake (NJ)

  4. Don't tell Rich this. Two years ago I had to drive a friend for four hours to the big city where his cataracts could be removed - he lived on a remote farm. And, like Rich, they were done one at a time, so two weeks apart. The first time, he was apprehensive, but the op was fine and he emerged smiling. And we did all the eyedrops etc, and our next four-hour drive was cheerful and confident. And the op took much longer than before ... the team couldn't get his lens out, so they had to do a whole lot more work than they'd planned. He was in twilight sleep, but he knew what was going on, all right! The eye was shockingly bloodshot, but healed well and gave him absolutely no trouble at all once he'd got over the actual experience. Actually, you can tell Rich, but only after his op! My very best wishes to you both, and lots of happy stitching to come.

  5. For someone who claims to care only about your stitching, I notice "betty" seems to be quite reluctant to share her own stitching. She's also far outnumbered by many more readers who enjoy reading about things other than needlework going on in your life.
    Anyway, hope all goes well for Rich. IMHO, it's when people go in thinking "piece of cake" that things don't go as smoothly.
    Not a lot of fun in my court - trying to catch up on evicting dust bunnies and trying not to think how far behind I am on weeding. I did finish stitching 1776 by Samplers & Santas, now working on her October Moon pattern while taking a minute between tasks.

  6. I've been cutting up my fabric scraps into usable sizes and shapes so they will get made into a quilt sometime in the future. As usual I let them accumulate too long and it's a big job now. But, perfect project for when it's too hot outside. Hope everything goes well for JB.

  7. Hope JB's cataract surgery goes smoothly today. Coni, I am right there with you on the heat and humidity, and I call it an old age thing.

  8. I think all the Betty's and Karen's in the world should go to summer camp together. Maybe being in the great outdoors would improve some attitudes. Don't change the way and what you communicate to all of your friends here...your writings make my day better!!

  9. Sending positive vibes to you and Rich. Nothing wrong with a little apprehension. please no negativity as that’s just going to manifest bad

    Amy in NJ

  10. I've been following you for a long time my dear, and I love reading your posts. Poop on Betty, and if Betty reads this, here's a suggestion for you Betty.......Go somewhere else and do your reading. Now that's probably too harsh in many people's eyes, but that's the way it is tonight.

  11. I agree with LindaLee, Betty!
    I feel for you Coni, I'm also struggling with the heat and humidity, here in the UK! When it's like this, I tend to hibernate indoors, only going outside around 7.30pm when it's slightly cooler!