Jun 3, 2022



Dearies, many of you might know Ms Susan Anonymouse, aka Ms Susan Fletcher from Canada. She is the Stitchy Sister who was behind the You Caring fund that saved my life by providing funds to help me get through and recover from my kidney transplant. 

Well, she is currently in hospital recovering from heart surgery! 

I first learned of this from her comment about having an emergency procedure, and emailed her to find out what's what. She gave me permission to share the news with all of you.

Here's what she wrote:

"I had some palpitations and an occasional minor ache in my chest and right jaw.  As a precaution, my doc sent me to a cardiologist and a few steps later, I ended up with cardiac bypass surgery on May 20 for some significant blockage. I was in CardioVascular ICU for 4-5 days, on a ward until yesterday, and have now been transferred to a rehab hospital.  I am fairly sure that all the costs are covered by provincial health funding, except for semi-private coverage from my prior work insurance.

My strength is returning quickly at this stage and they expect to discharge me in 10 days or so; however, full strength will take some months.  While I’m here, boredom, bad food, and too-hot rooms will be my biggest problems.  And no TV."

I thought I might also offer to act as postmistress in the event that you might like to send her well wishes.Feel free to send anything to me, and I will assemble a package and send it on to Ms Susan in Canada. Here's my info:

Coni J Rich   244 Toscana Blvd   Granger, IN 46530

(Please make sure to write: "For Susan" on the outside of the envelope.)

Please get better soon, Ms Susan! We're sending you all of our happy thoughts for your speedy recovery!


  1. Am very glad to hear that an important angel has come through this major surgery. It sucks not to have TV at least. Hope the staff can get her on the road to normalcy and strength very soon.

  2. Coni, I'm so glad you shared this. I feel the of my stitchy sisters often and like to share my love and care as well. Once I take off my procrastinators hat, I will send along something!

  3. Not even TV?! Well, I guess given the goings on in the world, maybe it's for the best. Maybe they don't want too many people raising their blood pressure over what's on the news. I hope Susan at least has internet access to read some stitchy blogs and watch Flosstube while in there.

  4. Many heartfelt prayer for Ms. Susan

  5. Oh Coni, thank you for the information. Lifting Susan up in my prayers.

  6. Holding Susan in His Healing Light...