Dec 9, 2021


Chello, Dearies!

Yesterday's trip to the House of Stitches was a wonderful success! I stopped for a Starbucks treat on my way over and enjoyed some Christmas music, and was greeted with hugs from Misses Cheri, Linda, and new friend Cindy. 

It. Was. Wonderful.

I think my stitchy basket is sufficiently full of new things now, so I'm going to get off this iPad thingie in the evenings and start playing with them!

Thank you for the suggestion of taking treats over to the  dialysis unit. Sadly, I am not permitted to go inside to visit with my techs, nurses, and podmates, but I think I might have come up with a few things to express my love and thanks. But plates of treats will definitely be forthcoming! (I also am very sensitive to the fact that sitting in a dialysis chair while watching a recent transplant recipient prance about would be awful, so I need to keep that front of mind.)

In a few moments I need to get myself showered and dressed to head to my annual thyroid checkup. Dr Cavanaugh was my doctor in college, and has seen me through many things.....including thyroid cancer in 1990, so I'm happy to see him and catch up!

Happy Thursday to one and all! Do something fun and come tell me all about it!


  1. What a wonderful way to spend a day! Unfortunately, my excitement today was a CT scan of my head. Ughhh... Thankfully nothing wrong.

  2. Your cup is looking fabulous! Can't wait to see the goodies you got at House of Stitches!

  3. Yes, please show off the new projects. Have been plugging away on needlepoint stocking, and knitting a shawl. Family dinner here on Sunday, so am getting some stitching in before I need to plan and prepare.

  4. Your Christmas cup is looking fabulous, Coni! Glad your trip to House of Stitches was a good one. Hope your visit with your thyroid doctor went well. Had my 6-month check with and meet the new audiologist Thursday followed by errand running. Happy Friday, Coni!