Apr 20, 2021


Raise you hand if you saw this coming.

I. Am. So. Tired.

Yesterday was a complete and total blur. I know I got up and made it to the d-chair, but I was OUT from the minute my heiney hit the chair until Miss Lou flipped my feet down and almost launched me across the pod when it was time to go.

I put pajamas on and hit the big girl sleigh bed at 12:30 yesterday afternoon and got out of it moments ago...almost a 20 hour sleep!

As soon as I finish my damn good it will be a laundry day, and so help me, a stitchy day. I feel like I have not stitched in forever, and the twitchies are starting to creep in. Must remedy that. Stat.

Thank you for all of your lovely comments about my trip. I am still bouncing around up here on cloud nine thinking about these kids and how much I love them and how much I pray for lots of time with them in the future!

Happy Tuesday, Dearies! I hope your week is off to a swell start! Come tell me all about it!


  1. Had a weekend retreat with several quilting buddies, my sister and mom. Just what I needed. Long walks, good food that someone else cooked, and hours at the sewing machine.

  2. Glad you were able to get some good rest and sleep, Coni! Hope your Tuesday goes well. Today's excitement includes a trip to Yoder's Market, some sunshine, and some stitching.

  3. What do they say? "You play, you pay". When it was worth it you can get over any hurtle! Glad you had a wonderful time.

  4. You made it to the D-chair and no wonder that 20 hours after your "wild" weekend. You ran a full course and must have been
    exhausted after treatment. Nothing like a full wash load to
    pull you out of the fog... Now, to the stitchery !

  5. Your body sure needed that sleep! Hope you are feeling better today :)

  6. But you had a good time and that's what counts. And don't worry someday you'll be able to do regular things and not have to sleep for 20 hours afterwards. That day will come all in due time.

  7. All that fun and mental stimulation with lovely folk (driving also takes it's toll because of the concentration) was a happy wipeout! Sleep the best thing and you needed it.
    Here we are having a dry spell, ground is baked and cracking. HRH helped mark out the veg beds so that I can work towards non raggy. The silver boy ducks are now with the silver girl ducks. My lovely Tiger (black and white) and Tiny Tim are with the other girls. All very peaceful in their own sections. I have been able to get cuddles from Dilly duck and Tiger, he's a peace keeper with any squabbles. The banty chooks are enjoying the freedom of the old duck pen and doing roadkill impersonations while sunbathing!
    I hope you have a lovely relaxing day and out with the flossies! :D