Apr 15, 2021


Hello, Dearies!

Well, here we are, coming to you live and in person from beautiful downtown South Bend on a Thursday morning. I did the whole BatMan stalks the city thing again on the way in, and have to say...the streets of Gotham are a lot easier to navigate when you're the only Ford Escape prowling about.
(I've got the whole place to myself today! Talk about feeling like a Queen!)

Thank you...from the depths of my grateful little heart....for all of the wonderful birthday wishes. I had a perfectly swell day, full of things that had been nagging at me. So I did laundry and shuffled books around and re-organized the plastic container cupboard and finally cleared off the dining room table (again) and wrapped bridal shower gifts and....futzed and putzed and putzed and futzed....until about 3:00. 
(My gift from Bosco. Does my puppytot nephew know me, or what?)

Then it was into a nice hot shower and some new jams, and I managed to stitch and enjoy a great dinner ordered in from the Outback Steakhouse Its Very Self.

(I really indulged and had steak and shrimp on top of fettuccini alfredo, followed by cheesecake! I expected a huge gain this morning on the 'ol scale, but I somehow managed to actually lose a little bit of weight.)

(Must have been all that putzing and futzing.)

I am still playing with the Ehrman daisy. It seems to be just what the doctor ordered, and I think I'll stick with it a few more days. Do you know that I went almost TWO WEEKS without stitching?! If that's not a recipe for disaster, I don't know what is!

So...Happy Thursday, my friends! Fifty-five is off to a roaring start! I can't wait to see what the year ahead holds! I'm thinking....new parts...maybe a CS3....several parties...and the mother of all stitchy weekends here in Hoosierville!

What's new with you?  Come tell me all about it!



  1. Have a wonderful Thursday, Coni! Your birthday meal sounded so delicious. Well done!

  2. What a nice birthday dinner after a productive day. May you enjoy many more.

  3. Woo-hoo -- your birthday must have been very energizing! Thursday d-chair? And does the 4:30 a.m. mean you are still waiting for a negative test?

    So happy you are stitching again. It is so necessary for peace, calm, and good vibrations!

  4. Birthday dinner sounds out of this world. Two of my favorites. Glad you got some stitch time. I love that Ehrman. I have an Elizabeth Bradley on the bars, threads sorted and ready to start. I have gone nearly that long without stitching. Just not motivated, but then there had been some cramming going on, so maybe a break was in order. I am hoping the EB will get the juices going again. Happy happy birthday.

  5. Happy Happy Belated Birthday! Now you can order off the Senior Menu! You always pick the best projects... I don't know where you find them. And presumably from the comfort of your happy chair. A new CS3? Tell us more... more bedrooms? A Bridal Suite? I am not good at keeping secrets or at trying not to squeeze them out of people... I think its maybe a boundary issue. Oh Woe is ME. Keep sipping that water... and have a great weekend. Ruth in Oxnard CA>

  6. sorry, just a bit ADD today, but
    cute toes and pj bottoms!!!

  7. Glad you enjoyed your birthday. I have not done much stitching lately either, getting ready to give a program to a quilt guild, and now suffering the consequences of not fully finishing things!

  8. Glad your birthday was super. And I do so love the daisy. It's hard to leave sewing for long stretches, but sometimes it happens but when you dive in again its "whaheeeyyyyy!" Well done on the weight loss too!

  9. You have no idea how many perks senior citizens get... There's a large store here that gives 5% off every other Tuesday. Just kidding, it's EVERY Tuesday, haha. Well, there are lots of other bits, but every bit counts! For other reasons, I've been more at peace as an "elder" than ever before. Glad you had such a fun birthday, and lots of us are praying for a new kidney before the next one!

  10. Happy Belated Birthday!! Love your new mug!

  11. I love the daisy! It's sooo BIG. You are a trooper for starting it and for hanging in with it! We senior citizens are like that. Welcome to the club! Wrapping the presents for the big party -- you're so organized and ready to make the trip. Girls just wanna have fun!