Apr 13, 2021


So guess who landed herself back into the covid unit?

Yesterday, I reported for treatment and made the mistake of being honest about how I was feeling. I explained that ever since my Indy trip I felt like I had been hit by a bus, spiked a fever, caught some kind of stomach bug, and had swollen glands in my neck.

Before you could say "Danger, danger Will Robinson" I was back in the car heading home with strict instructions to report to the covid unit in downtown South Bend at 5:30 this morning.


In the morning.

Which meant getting up at 4:30 so I could stumble into the shower and get my teeth brushed and a small cup of damn good in me before heading out into the darkness.

(OK. I confess. I felt very BatMan-like as I drove through the empty streets of Gotham on my way here, and the mist rising off of the river as I crossed the LaSalle Street Bridge did lend an aura of extra drama to the proceedings.)

I'll be here for the foreseeable future and until I have two negative tests...just like before.

(But remind me to just keep my damn mouth shut from now on and just say "Fine, thank you" whenever they ask me how I'm feeling as I head to the d-chair. I don't need to be telling everybody every my-noot detail of my silly little life.)

(That's what I've got you for!)

Seriously, kids. I think I had the flu combined with a complete and total fritzing out of all of my systems due to the frenzy and stress of last week. 

So, in other words...just me being my usually hysterical self.

On another topic, I am very happy to report that I actually picked up a needle yesterday for the first time in over a week! I might not have made a ton of progress, but not stitching is probably 97% of what's been wrong with me.

Not reading is also a problem that I can't seem to rectify. I have a wonderful stack of books on my bedside table, but have not read since throwing that darn bio against the wall. 

That's going to stop, even if it means that I need to physically put myself in a chair and time-out with a book for a half hour. 

So that's it, Dearies. Your Drama Spinster is stuck in a rut of disarray and chaos and has gotten decidedly OUT of her damn lane. Time to fix that, I think. I need to melt into the wallpaper and just. handle. my. business. rather than suck the oxygen out of the room.

Please come tell me what's new with you, and show me your pretty things, and tell me your tales!


  1. Replies
    1. Hi, Patty! The project in the pic is an Ehrman tapestry canvas!

  2. I’m so sorry you ended up where you are. I’ve been running myself ragged as my oldest son does have Covid. His wife and 3 kiddos went to her mom’s house. So, I’m cooking for an extra mouth and acting as delivery person as well. And I don’t get no tips!

  3. I have been having a hard time reading too. I love to read and used to read 10 or more books a month. Now I read about 1 every 2=3 months! Gotta change this. I do miss it so much. Feel better. There is flu still going around so you are prob right. No one knows our bodies better than we do!

  4. Oh Coni, I am sorry that you have to report to the COVID unit for chair time. Maybe pick something light-hearted to read will help you get over the lack of reading. Thinking of you!

  5. I’ve been having a hard time concentrating and feel like I’m on the edge of fritzing out myself. I don’t feel like doing anything, but then I’m frustrated staring at the same four walls. I think all these Covid restrictions are getting to me!

  6. I feel like I'm losing what little brain I have left lately. This covid mess would drive anyone crazy! I hope you get out of the covid unit soon and feel better as well. Take care of you!

  7. In a way, you are wise to acknowledge how you are feeling, just to play it safe.. Avoiding it might make it worse. Hope you are restored quickly ... Robin's suggestion of picking up a book in the meantime or picking up the needle will fill in the waiting time. Praying you through to better days.

  8. I was concerned about covid when you said you had the flu, so am relieved you are getting tested. Hope you are negative (how often did we say that before the pandemic?) and feel positive!

  9. Fabric of Civilization: How Textiles Made the World by Virginia Postrel. I'm only halfway through it, but I cannot imagine anyone wanting to throw it against the wall.

  10. I go through phases where I don't want to do anything....stitch or read or anything...the blahs. Then a few days go by and I "hit it" ...my stitching, TBR pile etc.... take care and love,

  11. So sorry to hear you were banished to the Covid unit. But it looks like you're in a bed so at least they're making you comfy. And of course better safe than sorry and all that.

  12. Fingers crossed all is well. I do love your daisy. And Happy Birthday for Wednesday. My husband got me a pop up card with a maple tree - fond memories of children's pop up books now a grown up version! Another card from a relative said another lockdown birthday - just says it all. But the sun is up, a light frost, looks like a nice day - I'll be out with the chickens! Hope your day will be happy and bright too with negative results. Have fun xx

  13. Coni, I hope you feel better soon. Good for you for stating your symptoms and hopefully you will get a negative test soon. Take good care.

  14. Your idea for reading strikes a chord. I have always been a big reader but it seems I can't find the time to read more than 10 pages a day! I have a cupboard full of books to read plus I order them from the library. I'm 65 years old, retired and we're under a stay-at-home order currently. But I still feel guilty picking up my book in the middle of the day!I need to give myself permission I guess.

  15. Oh dear! Hope you are feeling better! I need to get reading more too. I might start a reading hour each weekend day for the kiddos and me :)