Jul 16, 2020


Heidy Ho, Dearies.

I am presently enjoying migraine number three today. I really do think they are sinus/weather/menopause/stress/dialysis related, so there's not a lot to be done other than Tylenol and a slow quiet prayer for unconsciousness.

Today started slowly, with a video chat with Dr Melfi and a lovely toasted roll and a lemonade smoothie. I am still pouring the Costco lemonade into the blender with some frozen blueberries each day, and thanks to a recent delivery (of about six minutes ago), there's a fresh batch of rolls and another bag of frozen fruit to open tomorrow.

(My sister used to call them "my obsessions", Stewey used to refer to them as "Mo-ther's crackpot fixations", but I'd like to think of them as "comfortable routines" that make life easier for me. And if the worst thing you can say about me is that I like the Costco Instacart service, then so be it.)

On the stitchy front, I am still enjoying the patriotic canvas piece. I did manage to switch one of the threads in a complete stroke of brilliance (if I may say so). I was using DMC Light Effects for a little sparkle, but that thread and I just Do. Not. Get. Along.

At. All.

So I fished through the cube room studio and discovered a perfect Silk Lame' Braid instead:

It's coming along very nicely, I think, and will remain on the ottoman for the foreseeable future:

I spied the next happy thing on a fellow stitcher's Insta, and she was kind enough to point me in a direction, This is actually a quilt planning board, but it makes for the perfect parking space for threads in use and whatnot:

I got mine from the Fat Quarter Shop and paid $12 for it, but this would be very easy to construct for you crafty types. For me, though, it was worth the $12 to avoid hot gluing my fingers together.

The Mira Elia is really calling to me, but I am waiting for fabric to ship. I selected a lovely Picture This Plus purple color, but I don't think it's heading this way until the end of the month.

Patience, they say, is a virtue.

OK...I'm off like a herd of turtles to the big girl sleigh bed for a Thursday afternoon nap. My Book of the Month box arrived with a good one inside...Lillian Boxfish Takes a Walk. How could you not love a book with that title?


  1. You will love Lillian Boxfish! I read it several years ago (courtesy of BOMC) and I still consider it one of the most delightful books I have ever read.

  2. I loved Lillian Boxfish! Such a remarkable life - even if it is fiction.

  3. My grandfather always told me if you feel a migraine coming on...chew two tums up and then suck on two more. They've always helped my headaches. Maybe it will help you too.

    Your stitch piece is gorgeous!

  4. Blooming migraine - if only there was an easy route to send it packing. My father discovered he couldn't eat chocolate or oranges. Oranges were the worst trigger, chocolate wasn't a bother to miss out, but he loved his oranges and paid the price. I guess everyone is affected differently.

    Love the colour co-ordinated nails and the board frame. The sparkle is a great way to improvise on a piece of work. Hope you feel tons better today. xx

  5. Sorry to hear that you have to deal with another migraine, Coni! Hope it decides to leave quickly! Your patriotic piece is looking good. I am not a fan of the DMC Light Effects either. Have a good Friday!

  6. I really enjoyed Lillian Boxfish, hope you do too. I like your thread substitution. --AVSXS

  7. Hope your migraine doesn't come back! Could you provide the link for where you purchased your board? I tried doing a search and couldn't find it.



  8. Sorry to hear you are still dealing with migraines. I do not get along with the light effects either. I do not know how a company can make the most wonderful thread and the most awful metallic!

  9. Hey Coni
    What red/white/blue thread ru using? The piece is looking great. Hope u feel better soon😎🐾