Jul 30, 2020


I'm up at the crack 'o dawn again today. Why....I have absolutely no idea. My eyes opened and that was the end of it. Time to get up.

No stitching to report, I'm afraid. I had a bit of a mini crash at the very end of treatment and came home and drooled into my t-shirt for the remainder of the evening. I'm not even sure what time I stumbled into the big girl sleigh bed, but it must have been early enough to get me up with the chickens.

Two video appointments today: one with my family doc (just a check in) and one with Dr Melfi (the normal head shrinking). My only other agenda is to sort the menu plan, grocery list, fridge, and freezer and get us back on track in the healthy eating department. 

So that's it for this particular Thursday in Hoosierville. What's going on in your little corner of the world? Come tell me all about it!


  1. Nothing too exciting here yesterday -- a trip to Yoder's Market and Dollar General. Hmmm, it is dusting and dry mopping here today which isn't exciting either! But there will be some stitching later! Thinking of you, Coni!

  2. Not too much going on here. Max ( Norfolk terrier) and Mason ( Heinz 57) have had breakfast and are down for the first of several naps. It is too hot here for their usual patrol of the acre +. I have a piece of needlepoint to finish. So, all in all, a fairly slow day.

  3. You didn't manage to do anything yesterday . . . because you needed some downtime to process the c--p that the universe has dumped on you! And that's probably why you were up early too.

    I have already completed a Zoom meeting, have a webinar to watch later, and anticipate a bacon-wrapped, buffalo spiced, chicken medallion, rice and salad for dinner. Or pizza!

  4. The cat and I are hunkered down here in Tucson...inside as the temps outside are supposed to soar to about 110. Our normal July temp is 98 and we've only had four of those this month. All the rest of the days have been over. I'm binge watching all 800? seasons of Taggart on Brit Box and knitting on a very large blanket. Was working on a lace shawl but my mind just gave up on it so back to an easy, no brain power needed, garter stitch blanket. Now have my feet up with a huge glass of ice tea to go with it all. Life is good (as long as there is air conditioning).

  5. Good for you, putting one foot in front of another, even when there are dips and puddles in the road. Hubs and I had our annual dermatology checkups, all went well. THAT'S over with. Tomorrow I'm making a spaghetti casserole to go with what our church feeds the homeless every other month, then I'm going to indulge in making (and eating) a Brussels sprouts casserole. Brussels sprouts, broccoli, squash, rutabaga, cauliflower, asparagus, were all well BELOW the list of things I liked, because my otherwise wonderful mother cooked vegetables until they were mush. Lifeless. Dead. Toes up. In later years I just happened to discover that all these were scrumptious if they were simply cooked right. I guess not liking to cook as much as I like to eat is a good thing, otherwise I'd keep having to buy bigger pants.

  6. Your body needed rest, so rest it did - and messed with your clock. Hope you had a little doze in the day to refresh.
    Here it was supposed to be the hottest of hot days. So out hosing the duck houses, left them to dry in the sun, started bathing chickens bottoms - which weren't as bad as I thought so after a little preening assistance, they were let go. Only two had fluffy botties hiding murkies. Oh the delights of outdoor animals! Only one chicken got the full salon treatment, she was the one that hatched the 3 ducks - she got grubby and after she had accepted the hairdryer was nice, she ended up floofy like the Pink Panther coming out of the tumble dryer! Saw stormy clouds approaching so duck houses refilled with bedding and decided to call it a day - that was 2pm! I'd not stopped! Storm never happened but we had a few spits and it was much more pleasant just to sit under the walnut tree and chill out. Woke up at 5 to hear fox cubs chasing round the garden. Cute! But HRH wants to deter them (he'll be lucky) so chased them away.
    Here's hoping you managed to catch up yesterday and feeling better today.