Jul 9, 2020


JB Magoo is home and life has returned to Idiot Spinster With Her First Boyfriend at 54 Years Of Age.

(They really should make pills...and an instruction manual tor this).

Progress continues on Patriotic Squares:

I hope to play more with it today while the laundry sploshes and I listen to the children play in the pool.

(No pool for me yet this year, Dearies. In addition to it being full of people, I just don't feel ready yet).

(And as Dr Melfi would tell me...that's OK).

The week has been out of kilter since I lost Monday to that migraine, but hopefully I can get back into a groove this afternoon and tonight. We're having salmon and chopped salad for dinner, and I will plan a healthy menu for the weekend and life will be swell.

Come tell me all about life in your corner of the world. Here's hoping that it's happy and healthy and everything you want it to be!


  1. Patriotic Squares is beautiful!

  2. Your patriotic squares is beautiful.

  3. No instruction manual needed for you and Magoo! But on the salad front, I can recommend this:
    Best salad ever
    Usual things, chopped up small to much the same size as a blueberry:
    Spring onions
    Yellow peppers, or red, or green
    Corn kernels, not cooked
    Green peas, cooked and cooled

    Now step back and see what colours are missing. I usually cut up a peach or a nectarine at this point, and raspberries are good too. This isn't an accompaniment, it's a meal in its own right and it takes a long time to eat. Which is good. If you like dressing, 1 part each of yogurt, mayo and sweet chili sauce works well, but I take mine neat. Where I live, it's winter and cold and rainy, but the thought of summers full of salad cheers me up!

  4. Ooh lots of intricate stitching in that by the looks. Certainly very pretty. Welcome back Mr JB - it's nice to have alone time - it makes together time special.
    Here, the last of the ducklings have arrived - all 6 looking tiny and fluffy. No chocolate ones in that nest, as they will be either like their mum (black and white)or their dad (lavender). We seem to have a lot of chocolate girls in the inbetweenies and only a few boys.
    Salads are plentiful here now, so much so that the ducks are enjoying lots of leafy stuff. Like little piranhas! LOL

  5. Glad to hear that your JB has returned safe and sound! Your patriotic piece is looking swell, Coni!

  6. Welcome home JB! Your wip is so gorgeous! I love the corner parts! Is that one thread or a few strands of red, white and blue?

  7. reference
    dusty springfield song, "wishin' and hopin'" for all the advise you will ever need on love and men!! (lol. very old school, but sweet)